Vilgard Federation

Vilgard Federation

Earth Society Reference: Spain & Portugal 15th Century
Predominant Religion:
The Church of Dualism
The Vilgard Federation was at one point a monarchy until 500 years before the coming of the Founder Races. There was a covert war going on in the high seas between the Galvan Republic and the fledgling Vilgard Monarchy. The Blood War ended around 200 years before the arrival Founder Races, and depending which scholar you ask is still going on to this day. What no one has pieced together is why or they know but won’t talk. After Daedala signed the accord before the year ended the Vilgard Federation has as well and they hinted it was largely do to Daedala’s intervention in the Blood War on behalf of the Vilgard Monarchy. Sadly, the royal line ended with the death of the royal family before an heir had been established. Chaos had been reigning and with the coming of the Guardians and the Accord, anarchy was brought to an end by the council of the Elector Princes.

A view of a terraced citadel of an Elector Prince

The Elector Princes were the 7 strongest rulers; members of royalty, military, or civilian government left within the now former monarchy. The country is divided into 7 principalities and in the center of the interior coastline and west of the mountains called “The Spine” is Visbon, the capital city. It also resides in no one prince’s jurisdiction (think of Washington D.C. or Vatican City in Italy). The council elects its Grand Prince to run the country for seven years with only one stipulation. The Grand Prince cannot be related to any of the 7 families or associated families of the Elector Princes. However, it is customary to marry into one of them after stepping down from the position. The only stay to the seven year term would be an active state of war would allow a Grand Prince to retain power past the 7 year term of office.

The ‘Free Islands’ to the south and west of the mainland and the Vilgard Federation itself is one of the largest centers of trade in all of Regnum. The other being the island nation of the Kingdom of Greenwater to the northwest. Chief among their exports are: clothing and footwear, machinery, chemicals, cork and paper products, hides. The Vilgard Federation is the world’s second-largest producer of ores, and the world’s third-largest producer of wine (Port Wine, Vinho Verde and Madeira Wine) and the world’s largest producer of cork.

Motto: Together we grow as one.

Capital City: Visbon
Notable Locations: Pass of the Twins, Shipyards of Evorcelona, The Free Islands, and the markets of Coimbra

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Vilgard Federation