Uwa 'yahe

Uwa ’yahe

The capital of Uwa ’te and the Hall of the Tribal Elders known as the Voice of the Mother.

Here the Ursen live 16 million others of their kind! So many of the tribal settlements come here to trade and this is the main route of trade between Northteeth and Southteeth. Jewelers make beads that are all the rage in Berkay right now. Healers make new medicines to ship south via Southteeth, Ice-Heart Wood shipments are checked against quotas to make sure deforestation does not ever become an issue. In the hall called the “Voice of the Mother” Ursen psychics check the Song of Time to make sure the government is following the correct path. It disturbs other governments that the Ursen often will know a move they plan on making before they do.

Many people say that from Uwa ‘yahe the Ursen quietly guide the world’s destiny. How true that is may be tested soon say psychics in other lands. The world waits and trudges through their day waiting, some say, for word from the north of the danger to befall the realms of mortal kind.

Picture of lanscape from Adam Adamowicz via Elderscrolls Online.

Uwa 'yahe