Ten Veba Guardsmen

The Ten Veba Guardsmen

Chaaya’s Quest’s 10 Martial Sai Guard

After the coming of the Blacksword and the leaving of Anrir, Ambassador Bumi commissioned a special guard to handle the supernatural threats the crew would be facing. These ten warriors, all Martial Sai, were vetted by Captain Akshay and Mr. Parlo. They were nicknamed after a legendary Berkaic story regarding ten plagues that destroyed an oncoming army who were trying to conquer a small kingdom. Graegga Stonecrusher has been made their newest member. The humans on the team are from Bezroku and the three that were convinced to try and join the crew became the last members of the Veba Guardsmen. It was Captain Akshay that told everyone the tale of the Veba Guardsmen (OOC Note: think Seven Samurai and you roughly have the tale) spurring the Ambassador to make it official on the night of the 1st of Hordad.

Name Race Nationality Martial Form
Graegga Stonecrusher Dwarf Korin Ithrik I Am The Weapon
Edge Ben Ruka Human Berkay Ith-Ruhn
Gung Fei Shirn-Rahl Sussuria Bodhi-Luu
Hechultza Ital Yin-Lord Yin-Drakkos Yin-Nag’aak
Japheth Kulrah Human Berkay Elongated Blade
Mei Shunli Shirn-Lulhi Sussuria Shirn-Ryu-Ryf
Pau’ung Fei Shirn-Rahl Sussuria I Am The Weapon
Polonis Herorum Human Berkay Garodan
Xoloch Talimez Xoloch Talimez Yin-Drakkos I Am The Weapon

Ten Veba Guardsmen