Hmmm, so Dyval can freeze over!

Gateway to the North

This has been remarked by so many visitors from the southern continent that the Ursen of Southteeth only pay attention to people that don’t mention it now. Either they are regulars, have been here before somehow, a dragon (don’t laugh it’s happened), or someone running from something.

Ship building (an Elven business endeavor for their flying ships), fisheries, lumber, medicines, young Ursen looking to explore the southern continent, Zaranceti Warriors hiring on to protect ships traveling south, and over a million other souls reside in what is arguably one of the most transient cities in the world!

It is a cross between wilderness frontiers town/and full blow city of like Yerba Buena (what became modern day San Francisco). This place would be even more chaotic were it not for Ursen peace keepers. From one day to the next nothing in the town is the same and people often remark, “Don’t like the rules, wait a few days it’ll be different.”

Picture of lanscape from Adam Adamowicz via Elderscrolls Online.