Rhoga Du-Drzd


A female runesmith and scion of Clan Du-Drzd. One of the few Dwarven Clans capable of claiming the ancient knowledge and heritage to the one that brought Living Rune Weapons to the Nations of ‘The Accord’ and protection that comes with it. Her career also involved the final set of rituals that launched Vilfast roughly 15 years ago. A close colleague on the project was fellow ambassador, Harudannen. Afterwards, it was considered an honor to have a runesmith on the World Council once again for Korin Ithrik.

There is a mutual respect between Arudanni and Dwarf ambassadors and they have the closest thing to a power block on the council since they will confer and always decide an action that help both of their nations. Not surprisingly, Korin Ithrik has not filed any grievance regarding being passed over for the embassy from Fikir Tayfa going to the Realms of the Skyfasts.

She always looks as though she is examining the inner working of your body and two greatest runic items of her own creation. Her staff can shape change into its staff form or that of a hammer and contains these TWO greatest rune weapons in one shifting form! The other is a runic ring and was taken from a demon lord. It was a dagger and she “RE-FORGED” it to her purposes! Most of her time not spent on the council can be found in the rune forge beneath the Golden Tower.

Dwarf Ambassador from Peachyco,
Shield heraldry by HOTROD!

Guardians of the Accord

Rhoga Du-Drzd