Quinto Azors


Quinto Azors is a Water Warlock that has been touched by the sea god for he possesses the psychic power of Hydrokinesis and a smattering of minor psi-abilities. Ambassador for the undersea Empire of Vorlantis, land of the Zaranceti. A scion of the Royal Shiver – Azors, they are not the founding family but the most powerful since the near collapse of the empire. It was they that reached out for aid to ‘Save Vorlantis’ some 9,000 years ago. They have never lost that grip and ruled the ‘Sea That Divides’ ever since then. Prince Quinto is the youngest son of the Emperor of Vorlantis and its ambassador to the World Council.

He is molded by a life outside halls of royals and traveled far undersea. Before returning at 29 and providing proof of his exploits. Not that undersea traders didn’t bring some word of his deeds before hand. He has always said he is a noble second to a brother of the sea, but the world does not live in a vacuum and for every deed done to you it must be repaid in kind. To that end he petitioned to take his shiver of sea serpents and ride south to represent his people to the world! His father accepted and bestowed upon him two royal blades that bore emblems of the empire. Twin rune blades – one imbued with a soul of a Zaranceti Warrior and the other a bless Zaranceti that possess powers of an Air Warlock and Hydrokinesis. Both souls were twins and hate being separated.

The ambassador has brought the Zaranceti undersea knowledge and strength with him replenishing the sea serpents and soldiers that help safe guard the waters from pirates and keep the illegal trafficking on the Isthmus Sea to a minimum. He has also brought plenty of sea creatures and open the second public aquarium located in Northton on Baalgor Island. The first is located in Tarlan in the Kingdom of Greenwater. Here people can learn about the ocean depths without trespassing on his people’s sovereign realm. Hopefully, he can encourage further dialogs with other sea faring nations bringing them to closer understanding before someone wakes the sleeping leviathan beneath the waves.

He is the ONLY ambassador not trying to curry favor with the Invisible People of Fikir Tayfa!

Zaranceti courtesy of Palladium Books Inc., color edit by GM.
Shield heraldry by HOTROD!

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Quinto Azors