Pau'ung Fei

Pau’ung Fei

Shirn-Rahl Martial Sai

Shirn-Rahl agent on the Chaaya’s Quest. He joined the ranks of the crew in Quin Long. He studied I Am This Weapon. He is brash and loud, Pau’ung Fei is all warrior, and he is Gung Fei’s twin brother. They are identical mirror twins, both in physical traits and personality traits, too. Where Gung Fei is reserved and strategic, Pau’ung Fei is bold and rash. His weapon of choice is the traditional weapon of the Shirn, the Orb-blade! He is able to maintain three to four blades at once! It is very impressive, especially because all are enchanted to return when thrown! He jokingly calls them his death yo-yo’s after the child’s toy.

He is part of the Veba Guardsmen.

For more information please read the log Clues, Treaties, and Mysteries; Oh My.

Picture by Phillybee.

Pau'ung Fei

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