Mimir Yggdrasil
~ The Snow Shaman ~

Iggy was born on the 21st of Mehras. He towers over most people at 8 feet. His coat is pure white, when it is not marred by blood and grime. Though small for an Ursen, he makes up for it with the imbued strength and endurance bestowed by his Goddess, Uwa. He wears soft leather armor, and a tabard of the Earthen Ring. If he knows a fight is coming he dons his lamellar made from the horn and bone of the creatures of the north. His weapon is generally a rough-cut tree limb or tree trunk. To all that know him he is nothing more than a cuddly teddy bear, but to those that have wronged him or his friends he is a force of nature, borne of the earth itself.

Rank & O.C.C.: 3rd Level Snow Shaman
Race: Ursen
Land of Origin: Uwa’te
Citizenship: Uwa’te

Member of the Earthen Ring, Complete character sheet is Here.

~ Bio ~

Mimir Yggdrasil was born on the 21st of Mehras, which is night of the Ursen’s Celebration of Uwa’te, the night of the summer solstice. He was ordained for the clergy of the Earthen Ring that night, and has lived his life with the title, “Yggdrasil” – which is translated as “holy one’s supreme vessel.” He grew up away from his parents, and was raised by Ursu’we, the Prime Ygdrasil, and trained to take his place. Sheltered and naive, he’s been told to explore the world, learn about others’ customs, and prepare to lead the Ursen through the upcoming turbulent times. He is learning to balance the wrath boiling inside him and his go-with-the-flow attitude. He loves and prizes all life, but does not like bullies. He sees himself as a protector and guardian of the weak.

Ursen Snow Shaman picture drawn by his player Gaitkeeper.