Leena Alias Roster

Leena’s Alias Roster

~ Leena ~

Elven Female; appears regal late 20’s for human age equivalent.

Over the last five years this personae has been considered a family member of some kind to the owners of the Three Brothers Trading Company. One of the least developed forms of magic – both external and internal – is affinity with the Astral & Spirit Realms. Across the 12 empires there may be 250 mages or psychics that have this affinity. The story known to most of the public is that Leena is a cousin to the Three Brothers and has made use of her otherworldly demesne to help create the first inter-imperial shipping company and some suspect they ship to places in the Astral Plane making the company the first inter-dimensional merchants as well.

~ Leenus ~

Elven Male; appears mid to late 20’s for human age equivalent.

The youngest of the three siblings and part owner of the Three Brothers Trading Company. This is the public face worn for the company meetings, while they have never lied about being changelings they have all agreed that three “males and family connection” lends a great deal weight among most populace of the 12 empires. Maybe not the Quorians but hey, can’t please everyone.

~ Marcellus ~

Human Male; appears mid to late 30’s for human age equivalent.

This personae is a Galvan merchant of food supplies and sourcing rare foods. With three store locations and a shipping warehouse in the coastal city of Paevandul. This merchant always uses the Three Brothers Trading Company to deliver his goods to buyers up and down the eastern coast of is the Galvan Republic, Daedala and Vilgard Federation. Is outspoken about the blood relations of his people as being outdated. He employs Daedals, Galvans and Vilgards humans at his business:

“Marcel’s ~ Making Chefs into Masters”

~ Vora ~

Dwarven Female; appears to be around 50 years old for a dwarf, and does not hide it one bit that she dies her hair to help stay young and have fond memories of her youth. Vora is an apothecary/home remedy merchant. She has a home in the Dwarf/Shirn border city of Ith-Mahal. She is gone a great deal while her husband and their two kids run the shop.

It should be noted that her Dwarf husband, Valryk, is actually a talented Rune-Maker in hiding because he loves making permanent magic items. The two children are orphans that needed a home. Most of the remedies are made by her husband’s brother Behdin Valkor, priest of light and surgeon.

All of them know whom Vora is but keep her secret because of the fact their is a genuine caring between Valryk and his changeling girlfriend /wife.

Leena elf ID by Manwariel
Leenus elf ID by Play . Net
Marcellus human ID by Alex Boca
Vora dwarf ID by Misi Chan

Leena Alias Roster