Leena: The Gray Lady

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Description: It can be difficult for a Changeling to describe their appearance when they wear roles like hats. Often you will see one settle into a chosen few roles they begin building lives around and experiencing the world through multiple sets of eyes. Leena’s true form is just under 7ft tall and weighs around 195 lbs. The skin color is a smooth light gray and its eyes are black. It is not uncommon for Changelings to begin to identify with a particular sex especially if they were treated more favorably in that form when they first assumed a gender.
Rank & O.C.C.: 8th Level Astral Mage
Race: Changeling
Land of Origin: The Kingdom of Greenwater
Citizenship: The Kingdom of Greenwater

Member of the Guild of the Silver Cord, member of the Council for Aerial Safety. Complete character sheet is Here.

~ Bio ~

She is one of three siblings from the same parent, which is unusual for the amount of children a Changeling might have. Elijah and Matthias are her siblings. While favoring female forms for itself, Leena’s siblings both favor male forms. The oldest established a merchant company for shipping goods and services but never selling anything directly other than transportation of goods. Three Brothers Trading Company’s has grown by leaps and bounds thanks to Leena’s talents as an Astral Mage. She has shared her realm with her brothers only and they make use of it and a decoy of Leenus (Leena’s male elf form) in all their transactions. She has been responsible for a 3% shipping increase from Berkay, Greenwater, and Deadala all because of using her realm as a transportation hub.

Now, Leena is an acknowledged noble in every realm on the world of Regnum and perhaps one of the most known changelings around! While other people and less scrupulous Changelings have tried to impersonate Leena’s famous persona they never get very far before someone that does know her ruins their charade. Because of her status it is actually a crime to impersonate Leena’s famous persona/form since she is a Guardian Official.

Changelings are naturally seven foot (2.1 m) tall, thin, pale yellow skinned humanoids with large sad eyes and rather homely features. They all possess the ability to shape change into any humanoid creature from as small as 3 feet (0.9 m) to as tall as 10 feet (3 m). Changelings are creatures of magic with a history as old as the Elves! Nobody knows the origin of these beings although most believe they are the creation of the Chaos Lords or a similar dark, supernatural force. Even the changelings don’t know their ancestry, but with most races on this world created by the Chaos Lords they have not suffered the persecution they are known for on the Founder Races home world.

Leena Changeling Picture and various identities by Peachyco.
Current elf ID by Manwariel


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