Korin Ithrik

Korin Ithrik

Mountain of the Silver King

Predominant Religions:
1.) The Path of the Avadanti,
2.) The Church of Dualism

Ithgrum-Wind was the son of the Usurper King Isle-Wind and if his father was known as a peace maker then his son was a maverick of social reform given a clean slate to start with. While both Dwarf and Elf disagree as to the validity of this claim, stories tell of Ithgrum falling in love with Lavia Greenwater and they snuck out with the Changelings during their 50 year mission to find out about the people of Regnum. What makes this history even more confusing is that Changelings claim to take no side and don’t care whether or not its true! They have been writing the stories down and making sure they see book form and spread all over Regnum in the hope that love conquers all!

Despite the confusion about how the legends regarding the poem of Earth and Sky have been adapted and retold for 10,000 years. Many Dwarf and Arudanni scholars do however agree that somehow Ithgrum-Wind made contact with the the bird-men of Mount Skyfast within a year or two of the Shirn and Elf meeting. This is the known as the second great move of the Founders to bring peace to the world and soon the Dwarves began moving to the mountainous islands of what was to become known as the Silver Coast, due to the vast mineral wealth they have been able to pull from the earth. They were the fourth empire to sign the Accord. Even though the Arudanni (bird-men) signed it the same day just seconds before in a joint ceremony after the launch of the first of the floating Realms of the Skyfasts.

Ithgrum founded the Empire with the remaining Thanes of his people stating that the king would be required to strengthen the alliance with the Arudanni. This would be done by allowing their soul to be forged into a living rune weapon and until their physical body was slain they would served the leaders of by the son of the Realms of the Skyfasts. If and when they lost their form they would be returned to their people to served them for all time. When a “Rune Oath” was etched into the crowns of the Arudanni and Dwarf leaders their pact was sealed as long as the nations held sway.

Earth and Sky as one. Ithgrum felt now he had honored his father in word and deed: Earth & Sky / Isle-Wind.

In fashion with ancient traditions the Dwarf King took something from where he had come from, his homeworld and fashioned the first part of the name of the nation from the root word for mountain: “Korin.” Next he took part of his name which means silver: “Ith.” He then combined that with the title for rulership: “Rik.” Together his land and people had a new home within the land – Korin Ithrik, Mountain of the Silver King! None of the five cities are referred to as cities but “Halls” for their primary function. Each Hall is governed by a council of guildmasters and presided over by the Thane of that Hall. The Thane of the Hall has the final decision over what measures will be followed and enforced, but all have learned to find a working relationship with their guild council. Title of Thane is not guaranteed to heredity descent, but if the voted upon successor by the guild council happens to favor the son or daughter of a current or previous Thane there is nothing stopping such a judgment.

Seeking new gods for his people Ithgrum had twin sons he set to task of finding the right match. The first son a Rune-Maker by trade sought help from his Arudanni allies about the faiths of this world. They introduced him to Tvashtri, the Artificer from the Paths of the Avadanti. It was a decade later that the second son had returned from Empire of Daedala in the East bearing the favor of Sharevar, the Stone Lord. Thus the gods of east and west came together in the land of silver. The Hall of Ith-Azur was made as a place to train clergy of both faiths and there is shrines for Garuda, Avadan and Ahura Mazda. There is even one non-denomination shrine with a 1,000 alcoves so visitors may come and place their idol and pray to whom they wish.

In the founding years there was not enough men of magic among the elves to facilitate the expansions of the kingdom, the Dwarven engineers of Korin Ithrik went over and helped settle the great islands. Building the first underground highway between the Kingdom of Greenwater, Berkay, and Korin Ithrik. In the elves eyes this ended any hostilities between the their races.

600 years later (9,000 years ago) due to horrible undersea tremors the Kingdom of Greenwater, Humans from Berkay, and Dwarves from Korin Ithrik came together once more and with some legendary feats of engineering and magic were able to save the largest of the cities of Vorlantis, the empire below the water. King Ithgrum was turned into a living rune weapon in the form of an armored crown that would re-size to any worn helm! His runic, armored crown was returned to Korin Ithrik 1,800 year ago when his form was destroyed facing off against and ancient dragon that attacked Mount Skyfast and trying to slay the royal family of the Arudanni, which he saved. He refuses to talk about Queen Lavia of the elves simply stating to never kiss and tell.

Runic enchanted items, basic technology for automated printing press, hand crank-able lifts and other items, floating castles, and rune weapons are among the technological wonders found among the stone lords of Korin Ithrik. Non-magical technology is not shared outside the realm. They are becoming the largest producers of books seen in the world.

Motto: To know the universe you must know the rune, through its spark will the light of creation reveal itself.

Capital City: Ithgrum
Underground Notable Locations: The Great Undersea Tunnel from Korin Ithrik through Berkay, the Kingdom of Greenwater, and stops at Vorlantis.
Surface Notable Locations: Ith-Mahal, a border city that straddles the border of the dwarves and Sussurian; port cities of Ith-Angdral (on the Silver Coast), Ith-Vurd & Ith-Azur (on the inner islands).

Picture of the Rune-Maker with shield from Pazio Pathfinder.
Picture of the Runesmith with sword and helping mage by Pachycrocuta.
Shield and Stone heraldry by HOTROD!
Dwarven Warrior couple by Peachyco.

Korin Ithrik