Ith-Azul now runs the tunnel not unlike a government unto themselves. Provincially they are an extension of Korin Ithrik, but the King of the Dwarves has granted his younger brother rule of Ith-Azul as he sees fit and bestowed upon him the title of High Thane, which was the same title given to Isle-Wind before he became King of the Dwarves on Regnum.

While the current King and Queen of Korin Ithrik will not confirm it rumors abound they plan to recognize The Great Undersea and Ith-Azul as a sovereign nation unto itself! The High-Thane rules with a council comprised of Dwarves, Elves, Humans of mostly Berkaic ancestry, and Zaranceti.

Over the years “Rest Townships” have been created at roughly every hundred miles along the tunnel, a good way to look at them is toll booths, rest stops, taverns, rolled into one. While cheap by comparison to the surface towns, nothing free here because their extreme location. When we warned you nothing is free – WE MEAN NOTHING. Remember to tip your waitress, or else.

There are people who will grow up never seeing the sun, however, many are encouraged to see the surface at least once. Once every three years the Lords/Thanes of each Rest Town pick three of their permanent residents and they are sent to the surface world for three years or the Zaranceti Kingdom to work in the government and experience another side of things. This program is funded by the monies collected by High-Thane’s council taxes and each Rest Town only covers a 1/4 of the cost.

The heads of the Rest Towns defenses is call the Tunnel Warden, and they track down criminals, thieves, and murderers. Think of it as the wild west underground. The High-Warden is responsible for Ith-Azul itself and has a seat on the council. That position is currently held by Zatakis – a Zaranceti Water/Earth Warlock & now Stone Master in the last few years.

The Great Undersea
Dwarves of
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