Dwarven Legend

Living Rune-Flail,
Former Warlock and Stone Master

Isle-Wind’s skin is a cross between rust and bronze. Among the tallest of Dwarves at 4’ in height and has a body built like an Olympic weight lifter! His hair and beard are near silver grey in color, thanks to his time in war and living outside with nature and hard work he looks like a statue of molded metal. Like a walking stick his two handed stone rune flail with silver vein running through it is always with him.

Chosen Name: Isle Wind
Rank & O.C.C.: 21st Level Elementalist: Living Rune-Weapon
Race: Living Rune Flail (was Dwarven)
Land of Origin: The Founder’s World
Citizenship: Guardians of the Accord

HT 4’0" IQ 16 Save vs Magic +5 Strike +3
WT 180 lbs ME 22 Save vs Psionics +5 Parry +8
PPE 282 MA 10 Save vs Coma/Death +21% Dodge +8
HP 93 PS 20 Save vs poison/disease +1 Roll +2
SDC 215 PP 19 Save vs horror +1 Pull +4
Level 21 PE 23 Save vs Mind control +6 Initiative +1
Exp. N/A PB 19 Save vs Possession Imp. Damage +8
Sex Male SPD 20 Save vs Insanity +6 Critical
Birthday 10,200 years ago AR-Nat 14 Death Blow 20
HTH: Expert HF N/A Attacks 7
Alignment Principled Charm/Impress 45% Perception +1
Marque Coins: Circles <> Triangles <> Squares <> Pentagon <>
Marque Coins: Hexagon <> Octagon <> Decagon <>
Marque Coins: Circles <> Triangles <> Squares <> Pentagon <>
Marque Coins: Hexagon <> Octagon <> Decagon <>
Non-Monetary Items of value:
Gems <>

Weapon Proficiencies Level Acquired Strike Parry Thrown
Chain 1 +7 +5 N/A
Blunt ?? +7 +7 +4
Blunt & Shield N/A N/A N/A N/A
Weapons: Damage
Isle Wind’s Stone Rune Flail 4D6 /+ 9-S/+ 7-P/ (Special – See Magic Weapons)
Natural Weapons: Damage Notes
Punch 2D6 + PS / Supernatural Strength
Kick 3D6 + PS / Supernatural Strength
Body Flip/Throw ?? + PS / Supernatural Strength
Disarm ?? Supernatural Strength
Rear Attack Special Triple Damage or K.O.
Armor AR SDC Notes
?? ?? ?? ??
Living Rune Weapon Abilities: Notes
Bonuses: Host Body (Racial)
+1 on initiative, +1 to strike, parry and dodge, +1 to all saving throws, +6 to save vs all types of mind control, and impervious to possession.
Hibernation (Racial)
All Living Rune Swords have the ability to enter a hibernation state. This allows them to dissipate their host body and enter a sleep state. Once this is done, the host body cannot be reformed for at least 1D4x10 years, leaving it vulnerable and helpless during that time. In this state they are invulnerable to damage. The Rune Weapon will still appear as a typical Rune Weapon, but the consciousness inside will be silent and sleeping.
Two Forms, One Being (Racial)
Though there are two forms (Rune Weapon and host body), the Living Rune Sword is still just one being. As a result, it is nearly impossible to separate a Rune Weapon from its host body. Doing so would be the same as removing an arm or a leg of most other beings. If ever separated, the two will be able to sense each other regardless of distance, knowing exactly where the other is at all times. As a result of this connection, any attempt to disarm the Rune Weapon from the host body is performed at a -4 penalty due to their natural connection. This penalty applies only to the Rune Sword and host body, and no others. It does not apply to a different wielder, even if the two have bonded.
While an advantage, this is also one of their main vulnerabilities. Unknown to most is that if ever separated from its Rune Weapon, the host body will start to die. The Rune Weapon is the source of its power, and without it the host body cannot be sustained. For every minute separated, the host body suffers 1D6 damage, starting immediately from a separation of more than 5 feet (1.5 m). Fortunately for the host body, all powers and abilities are retained (except for Hibernation, which requires close contact), including the ability to heal. While this can help to save the host body’s life, it will only prolong the inevitable if the Rune Weapon cannot be regained.
Vulnerabilities (Racial)
Cannot recover health normally. Only by expending P.P.E. can the Living Sword repair the damage it has suffered. 1 P.P.E. recovers 1 Hit Point, or 2 P.P.E. for 1 S.D.C. (or M.D.C.). Only 10 H.P./S.D.C. (or M.D.C.) per level of the Living Rune Sword can be restored in a single melee round.
If the body of the Living Sword is destroyed, it cannot make a new body and will be nothing more than a Rune Weapon from that point on.
Elemental Magic (Basic)
Minor / Basic Level – 2
Select three offensive elemental spells from levels 1-2 only. All spells must be of the same elemental force (earth in this case) and will be considered the character’s primary sign. These spells can be cast in any order and combination as often as the Elementalist sees fit. The only limitation to these spells is the character’s P.P.E. reserves.
Twin Signs (Lesser)
Lesser Level – 5
Select three offensive elemental spells from levels 1-2 only. All spells must be of the same elemental force (air in this case) This sign cannot be the same as the character’s primary sign and will be considered the secondary sign.
Elemental Bond (Lesser)
Lesser Level – 5
Earth warlocks can recognize virtually all natural minerals from gold to iron with amazing accuracy; 62% + 2% per level of experience. They can also sense tremors in the earth from quakes, explosions, heavy equipment and similar seismic disturbances within a 40 mile area (64 km). More importantly, they can sense danger located in the earth like loose rocks, quicksand, mud, mudslides, and even pit traps;32% + 4% per level of experience. Underground, the earth warlock has a keen sense of direction; 80% +2% per level of experience.
Earth: Can instinctively perform ‘Holistic medicine’ at 50% proficiency and‘Identify plants & fruit’ at 65%. Or gets a bonus of +12% if either is selected as a learned skill.
True Elemental
Greater Level – 8
The Elemental Flail is considered an Elemental brother by traditional Warlocks and Elemental Beings alike. It will be treated with equal courtesy and offer help when appropriate. Also, spell selections may now be selected from any of the elemental spells and are no longer limited to only the offensive ones. Note: This power does not grant any elemental spell magic, only the ability to remove the “offensive” limit when the other magic options are selected. It applies to any elemental spells learned at the same time or after this power is selected, but cannot be used to change powers selected at earlier levels.
Magic Bonus: Greater
Greatest Level – 12
+1 to save vs possession, +1D6 P.P.E. per level of experience (in addition to the standard level bonus for Living Rune Swords), and +2 to Spell Strength (14).
Twin Signs (Greatest)
Greatest Level – 12
Select two elemental spells from levels 1-6 only. All spells must be of the same elemental force (earth or air in this case) These spells can be cast in any order and combination as often as the Elementalist sees fit. The only limitation to these spells is the character’s P.P.E. reserves.
Natural Abilities: Notes
Nightvision 40’
PPE recovery 5 every three hours, awake or asleep
See the Invisible Always on
Impervious to Possession Always on
Fire/Cold/Poison/Toxins/Drugs/Disease Resistant 1/2 Damage, Duration
?? ?? ??
Isle Wind’s Stone Rune Flail 4D6 Elemental Magic (See Living Rune Weapon)
Double Damage to those vulnerable to silver.
Increase damage to triple when ‘Silverize’ is actively cast on itself.
+1 to Strike, Parry, & all saving throws.
Special Powers:MAGIC Spell Strength:15
Spell Casting Lev Acq/Sign Lev Spell PPE Range Duration Save Notes
Chameleon 2 Earth 1 5 Self /Touch 6min /Lev. None 90% undetectable if un-moving.
70% undetectable if moving2 ft(0. 6m)per melee or slower.
20% undetectable if moving6 ft(1.8m )per melee round.
Totally ineffective if moving any faster.
Dust Storm 2 Earth 1 5 120’ + 20’(6m) per lev. of the warlock. Affects a 20’(6m) diameter. 1min /Lev. None Victims caught in the storm will find their vision reduced (both nightvision and normal) to a distance of about 10-feet, plus they lose initiative, speed is reduced by half, as well as finding the whole situation uncomfortable; it is difficult to speak, cast spells and even breathe without choking on dust and dirt.
Wall of Clay 2 Earth 2 8 60ft (18.3m) 4min /Lev. or destroyed None Creates an 8×8×4-ft. (2.4×2.4×1.2m) length of wall per lev. of experience. The wall has 50 S.D.C. per level as well.
Cloud of Slumber 5 Air 1 4 90ft (27.4m) 1min /Lev. Standard. Creates a 20×20×20foot (6×6×6m) cloud which instantly induce magical sleep on all who pass through it.
Cloud of Steam 5 Air 1 4 90ft (27.4m) 1min /Lev. A successful save reduces damage by half. Creates a cloud of steam that covers a 30-ft area (9m). Anyone caught in the cloud, or passing through it, will take 2D6S.D.C. damage for each melee round (15seconds), or fraction thereof, spent in the cloud. The steam also temporarily blinds the character(s) for 1D4 melee rounds. While in the cloud victims cannot open their eyes (hurts too much) and are in pain. Penalties: No initiative, -9 to strike, parry, and dodge.
Howling Wind 5 Air 2 7 100ft (30.5m) 1min /Lev. Save vs H.F. 15 / melee. Those who fail to save will lose one melee attack and initiative, and are -1 to strike, but +2 to parry and dodge(panic driven adrenal in flow). There is also a 1-40% chance they will flee the immediate area fearing ghosts, banshees, or worse. Those who hear the howling but save vs H.F. are okay but tense. Animals will also need to make a save and are likely to howl, hiss, whine or whimper along with the sound.
Silverize 12 Air 5 20 Touch or L.o.S. up to 100ft (30.5m) away. 5min /Lev. None. Coats a weapon in silver, for dealing with creatures vulnerable to silver. Will typically inflict double damage to such creatures. If this spell is used on itself it will drive the damage from triple to quadruple.
Breath of Life 12 Air 5 50 Touch Permanent None. The head of the flail must be pressed to the lips of the deceased. This is the only life restoring elemental magic spell that exists, but the deceased must have died less than 24 hours ago. The person will revive in 1D4 melee rounds if successful. Success Ratio: 70% +1% per level of experience. This spell can be attempted only once per deceased, although another warlock can try on the same body.
OCC Skills Base % Bonus Start Current Total %
Dowsing 20 +10% 1 21 98%
Land Navigation 30 +10% 1 21 98%
Language: Dwarven 98 1 21 98%
Language: Elven 50 +20% 1 21 98%
Language: Elemental 50 +20% 1 21 98%
Literacy: Dwarven 30 +20% 1 21 98%
Lore: Faerie Folk 25 +10% 1 21 98%
WP Chain 1 21
HtH: Basic 1 N/A
Runic Skills Base % Bonus Start Current Total %
Recognize natural minerals 62 N/A 1 21 98%
Sense Danger in Earth 32 N/A 1 21 98%
Sense of Direction 82 N/A 1 21 98%
Hollistic Medicine 50 N/A 1 21 50%
OCC Related Skills Base % Bonus Start Current Total %
HtH: Expert N/A N/A 1 21 N/A
Literacy: Elven 30 +10% 1 21 98%
Lore: Demons & Monsters 25 +10% 1 21 98%
Lore: Magic 25 +10% 1 21 98%
Math: Basic 45 +10% 1 21 98%
Astronomy & Navigation 25 +10% 1 21 98%
Intelligence 30 +6% 3 18 98%
Wilderness Survival 25 +6% 6 15 98%
Play Musical Instrument: Drums 25% +11% 9 12 91%
Identify Plants & Fruits 25 +18% 12 9 83%
Preserve Food 30 +6% 15 6 61%
Cooking 30 +11% 18 3 51%
Running N/A N/A 21 21 N/A
Secondary Skills Base % Bonus Start Current Total %
First Aid ?? +1% 1 21 ??%
Swimming 40 +1% 1 21 98%
Prowl 25 +1% 1 21 98%
W.P. Blunt N/A N/A 2 20 N/A
Climb/Scale Walls 40/35 N/A 5 16 98/98%
Mountaineering 30 +1% 7 14 96%
Play Musical Instrument: Recorder/Flute 25% +1% 10 11 76%
Sailing 35/20 +1% 13 8 71/56%%
Wrestling N/A N/A 16 5 N/A
General Athletics N/A N/A 19 2 N/A

Name Count Location Description
** ** ** **
** ** ** **
2-Handed Rune Flail 1 Held *( F ) *

~ Bio ~

In the final centuries of the conflict, the Dwarves would call upon demonic forces that would, ironically, destroy the only two rulers who might have restored peace and equality to both kingdoms, the usurper Dwarf King, Isle-Wind and the Elven Lord Azalon.

PFRPG – Core Rules pg.290 column one; bottom of the column

Isle-Wind is the chosen name of the Dwarven Stone Master and Warlock of both Earth and Air signs that over threw his King in the Dwarven capital of Korin Gealead to sue for peace. This fractured the Dwarven forces and split the realm into the Ironmongers, hardliners that felt every Elf must die and the Usurpers that wanted the bloodshed to end. While studying at the Prime Incunabula he met Azalon and a friendship had begun that would bring the fighting to a halt. During the last quiet of the Founders War, both Azalon and he brought their nations to the table for peace talks once more. Sadly, that day where both sides were to sign treaties ending the war the Ironmonger faction struck led by Gazhur Drodd, the mad Dwarven Bio-Wizard! Despite every effort to stop him Drodd cast the “Great Thunder” and to everyone on Palladium the city had been atomized!

What was only a few minutes later for Isle-Wind was the shift of time and space as his world changed forever! His molecules dis-assembled and re-assembled in another dimension!

Island at the Edge of the World pg.138 column two #GM Note

The great Tower of the People Voice, what we would call a senate or congress, the fortress it was attached to and the next 30 miles in all directions of the city and everyone in that vicinity were now here! In the middle of one of the worst Ley Line storms you could imagine! Every few minutes people would appear and disappear! Leaping into action to get everyone around him and Azalon to safety in the face of the maelstrom unchecked and ripping through everything they could see! Then they saw him, the architect of madness, Drodd! A battle ensued between the three of them that had effects felt by every magic user on this new world! Then a moment where Isle-Wind stunned Drodd and Azalon thrust with his gigantic two-handed blade and pierced the mad Dwarf. Before he could fully remove his sword the dimensional energies pulsed once more and Drodd was gone along with a third of Azalon’s sword!

Then it stopped…

Looking out from the top of the tower they could see that this was not Palladium, the mad Dwarf had ripped them from their homeworld and they were unsure of how to get back! Over the next 20 years they would try and find that all of their attempt to find there home met with failure and now they were tasting the bitter feeling of the races both sides had summoned to fight wars for them.

They were trapped!

Welcome to the Brave New World.

Dwarf Pic from WOTC.