Guardians of the Accord

Guardians of the Accord

The first 50 years after their arrival some 10,000 years ago caused quite a shock for the native inhabitants of Regnum. The survivors of the what was to become known as the Founder’s War began exploring this new world and they did so with the principles they had come to and all agreed to abide by in this new world, the Accord.

The Accord ~

  1. Make no war if none is made upon you.
  2. Make alliances and friends of those you meet.
  3. Accept that mis-communication will happen. Patience is wisdom.
  4. Accept differences so long as it harms no one permanently.
  5. Share knowledge and only share what you will.
  6. Accept that you may not be given back equivalently what you offer. Trust takes time.
  7. Help others and in doing so help everyone.
  8. Defend the weak and those unable to protect themselves.
  9. Be honest in all you do.

A calendar called “Accordant Time” was started by the Founders and would in time be acknowledged by the 12 empires of Regnum. They first twenty years they held a two fold mission of trying to get home to stop the war they assumed was still raging and make the Island of Baalgor into a home and base of operations for the million beings now living upon it. They erected a magical dome for those first twenty years and in making the island theirs they had forced time to get over a lot of racial issues and learn that they merely approached things differently but often arrived at the same conclusions on many issues.

When it was determined the way home was not going to be reached they dropped the barrier around the island and began exploring the world. The first people they came across were the feline Shirn of Sussuria and it was a Shirn shaman that used a crude ‘tongues’ spell to open negotiations between the exploratory party. At 40-A.T. there were Shirn living among the Founder Races on Baalgor.

For more information please see the World Council, Arm of the Guardians and Baalgor Island.

A.T. = Accordant Time

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Guardians of the Accord