Grand Tsar

Grand Tsar Adolphus Phoushath Von Jankmon

Grand Tsar of Daedala


Grand Tsar Von Jankmon is the supreme leader of all Daedala. He is a 15th level Psi-Mystic, a member of Family Bloodwind, and He is the oldest and most senior Tsar of the House of Tsars. There are 13 other Tsars in the house of Tsars, one for each Daedala family (9), one for each of the Academies (2), and one from each of the major religions of Daedala (2), for a total of 14 including the Grand Tsar.

Although “Royal” blood is not much of a determination as to whom can become a Tsar in Daedal anymore, the Tsars still wield and shape their influence throughout the realm. Grand Tsar Von Jankmon has the most influence, hence his election as the current Grand Tsar. He is usually a benevolent leader. Part of his influence has come from his abilities as a Psi-Mystic, “sensing” events (good & bad) and capitalizing on this knowledge for the benefit of all Daedals.

Grand Tsar Von Jankmon is married to Tsarina Adalwulfa Larentia Von Jankmon. They have 12 Children, 34 Grand-Children, and 3 Great-Grand-Children. Grand Tsar Von Jankmon can trace his lineage back over 12,000 years to the time before the founders.

Picture by Roger “Pidney” Davidson.

Grand Tsar