Galvan Necropolis

Galvan Necropolis

While stories will vary with the telling it all began with an investigation by the Galvan blood inspectors of someone smuggling their countrymen out of the Galvan Republic. Check the map for the ruins of Galfast in the north! They refer to it as the Necropolis, it crashed 20 years ago in 9982 A.T. An army of the walking dead, demons, blood beasts were sent south to destroy the Galvan Republic. It was 19 years ago Necromancy and Blood Magic were banned from the Republic. Common quotes uttered since that day for the Galvan People is “Never Again” “Bless the wall”

The northern wall of the Capitol – Galidorf bears the engraved names of EVERYONE that died defending the nation. The area around the Necropolis has signs that alert if someone physically crosses the line the make 50 miles around it to avoid people becoming cursed. To this day strange sights and sounds echo forth from the ruins. Rebuilding efforts in Badenfeld continue both in infrastructure, economically, and trust to this day, many projections say the economy has become stronger.

Wereserpents are granted citizenship in the Galvan Republic and now those that admit to being a Wereserpent comprise 0.1% of the populace of the nation!

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Galvan Necropolis