Drakkos is nearing his end and for the last 200 years Drakkos has been preparing the nation for his passing from this world. His preferred form is a human with something varying shades of red within it or about the form. When he takes a Yin-Lord for the dreds of hair are always dark red and his scales are gold with a red tint on their edge. In his true form he almost looks like a stone dragon for his scales are old and pitted like volcanic rock always warm to the touch! A simmering volcano with no one wanting to pop the top to this eruption of a dragon priest of light!

He is trying to avoid leaving the nation of Yin-Drakkos with a troubled future as the Council of Dragonwright have not had a strong enough Dragon or Yin-Lord ruler step forward to claim Primarch of the Theocracy of Yin-Drakkos. In his current role as both Primarch and Amabassador he is considering that the country needs an Ambassador as well to help aid the new Primarch.

Guardians of the Accord