Empire of Daedala

Predominant Religions: The Church of Dualism and
the Path of the Avadanti
Earth Culture Reference: The Romainian, Russian, Polish eastern Europe 15th Century.

The first race they met were Humans of Avestan before the split that led to the separate nations of Berkay and the Galvan Republic. They sided during that dispute with the humans that would later create the Galvanist people and were very helpful 20,000 years ago during the War of the Werebeasts when the great purge began. When a Daedal died defending the King of the time from killing him and the royal family the grateful nation bestowed upon them lands in the south and made them kings with minor offerings of tribute.

Their concept of language came from the Galvan people and they helped and worked with them for nearly 10,000 years before the coming of the Founder Races. From the outside nations the realm of Daedala seemed like the puppet nation and for over several millennium a derogatory term passed among the people of Regnum was “Galvan Dog.”

1000 years before the arrival of the Founder Races there were two emerging factions within the Galvan Republic. Those that believed in equality and the end of being xenophobic and those devoted to bloodline purity. Trying to avoid another “Berkay Betrayal” which is how the Galvan history books refer to the that period of history. The Galvan people turned toward the Daedals to aid them in putting down this uprising of ideology. This time though the Daedals agreed with those Galvan people wishing to be free of arranged relationships, lives, families, and many say freedom. The Daedalan people marched on the Galvan Republic, unarmed and demanded the bloodless sedition of those wishing to leave be allowed to go, or face war. It should be pointed out those Daedals (Dog-men) that march on the Galvan Republic were people, unarmed, but it was 96% of the complete nation of Daedala. Many among Galvan people have felt betrayed by their allies after all the culture they poured into them. The Daedals stated they saved two groups that day: 1) the Vilgard people from persecution like Galvans from the werebeasts, 2) the Galvan people from becoming like those that once hunted them. Thus was born the fledgling Vilgard Monarchy.

In order to keep the peace they have matching trade agreements with both nations. The Daedal ambassadors made it clear that Daedala had no intention of promoting sibling rivalry between two countries with a rough past. So whatever a country offered as trade to one was shared with the other. While this rankled many hackles at first both countries have used it to keep fair trade practices open on over a third of the continent.

They were the sixth empire to sign the Accord. It was not many years later that Vilgard followed suit as well given the economic boon the Founder Races had become.

The motto of their nation many feel is a self fulfilling prophecy passed down to them by Armaiti and Vohu Manah at the request of Ahura Mazda. Just as they have distanced themselves from their close ties to the Galvan people so has the worship of Mithras has taken off and a academy that trains warriors has was founded 4,000 years ago by a Daedal Knight, Ero es Becdullet. As well as a healthy thriving temple complex, hostel, and orphanage in Paffeldul dedicated to the Path of the Avadanti.

There are nine family lines the Daedals can trace themselves from. Marriages are arranged by family and the lines remain strong and pure, however, many today among the young generation feel this is a Galvinist hold over that can be done away with. Trashy novella published in secret talk about such romances, however, the elders are quick to point out they never deal with what it does to the family, selfish pups. They feel proud in knowing they have the only known academy for training psychics or internal mages as many academics will often refer to those blessed with such talents.

Motto: Duty, Love, Loyalty, Strength and Honor

Capital City: Daeldondul
Notable Locations: Mitran Academy of Norfendul (military style college in northern Daedala), the coastal city Paevandul and its Academy of Inner Spirit, and Greenwater trade towns of Grendaldul & Gruffeldul, the border city of Paffeldul (closest city to the borders of Sussuria & the Vilgard Federation)

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