Capt Akshay

Captain Vrajai Akshay

A former naval officer in the Guardians of the Accord. Now, a captain that has lost his skyship used by the Ambassadors of the World Council. Being given an open-ended contract with Fikir Tayfa’s Ambassador he hopes to regain a Skyship for himself and his crew, most whom have no other home.
A very blunt man not to stand on ceremony unless he in currently working on the ship.

“In the water you can fall and land without the impact likely killing you. Not so with a Skyship, you fall and I cannot turn this beauty quick enough to save you without risking everyone else on board.”

He will tolerate questions after a crisis is over but during a needed action his word is law or people can get hurt or die. The crew that survived the loss of the Windracer now know that. If indeed it was ever in doubt before.

Plaver: NPC
Rank & O.C.C.: 12th Level Mariner
Race: Berkay Human
Land of Origin: Sultanate of Berkay
Citizenship: Guardians of the Accord
Affiliation: Guardians of the Accord – Contract Transportation.

Picture from Propstore.

Capt Akshay