Baalgor Island

Baalgor Island

Earth Society Reference: The 15th through early 16th amalgam of the cultures of Regnum.

The Island of Baalgor is 80 miles wide (west to east) and 125 miles long (north to south), and when the Golden Tower appeared it was over what used to be the only mountain on the island. It was proceeded by a ever widening circular blast of dark blue fire, clouds, and lighting the likes of which had only been recorded a few times in written histories among the human nations. The Ursen of Uwa ’te have oral tales of events similar to it happening back to the times when the Chaos Father and Order Mother split apart. For the Ursen it is always a sign of great change, death, life, upheaval, and new directions. Within 24 hours of the Founder’s of the Accord arrival they knew they were on another world due to the Circle of Drodd as the Circle of Absolute Elemental Power has been nicknamed.

Local day to day civil governance is handled by a joint effort of two groups:

  • A special detachment of the Arm of the Guardians called the Lawbringers.
  • Mayoral Council of the Halls of the Civilian in Northton.

Motto: By the Accord

Capital City: The Golden Tower
Notable Locations: Towers of the Civilian in Northton, Towers of the World Commitees in Southton, Towers of Holy Dawn in Easton, Arcanus Tower in Weston

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Guardians of the Accord

Baalgor Island