Elven Legend

Living Rune-Sword,
Former Swordsmen and Knight
Former Wizard

Lord Azalon’s is a lean warrior and moves with the grace oft lacking among warriors today. A claim he has worked hard to accomplish since his rebirth as a living rune sword is becoming the world’s most talented dancer. When he looks at you and nods it feels as though his he has seen how he would kill you should you cross him. Then he smiles and you’re not sure how he even seemed so hardened. Among the Elves he is almost 6 and a half feet tall, and the one thing he shares in common with his dearest dwarf friend is greying hair. His blade is always hidden on him and he keeps changing the location to distract thieves when he travels.

Chosen Name: Azalon
Rank & O.C.C.: 16th Level Warper: Living Rune-Weapon;
16th Martial Sai: Elongated Blade
Race: Living Rune Sword (was Elven)
Land of Origin: The Founder’s World
Citizenship: Guardians of the Accord

HT 6’3" IQ 20 Save vs Magic +4 Strike +8
WT 180 lbs ME 23 (S) Save vs Psionics +5 Parry +7
PPE 180 MA 18 (S) Save vs Coma/Death +14% Dodge +9
HP 79 PS 22 (S) Save vs poison/disease +4 Roll +4
SDC 300 PP 22 (S) Save vs horror +1 Pull +4
Level 23 PE 22 (S) Save vs Mind Control +12 Initiative +6
Exp. N/A PB 24 (S) Save vs Possession Imp. Damage +7
Sex Male SPD 34 (S) Perception Check +3 Critical 19-20
Birthday 10,450 years ago AR-Nat 14 Disarm +2
HTH: Elongated Blade HF 10 (Awe; when ID is known) Attacks-Style 9 Attacks 8
Alignment Scrupulous Trust/Intimidate 50% K.O./Stun N/A
Gold Charm/Impress 70% Death Blow N/A
Marque Coins: Circles <> Triangles <> Squares <> Pentagon <>
Marque Coins: Hexagon <> Octagon <> Decagon <>
Marque Coins: Circles <> Triangles <> Squares <> Pentagon <>
Marque Coins: Hexagon <> Octagon <> Decagon <>
Non-Monetary Items of value:
Gems <>

Weapon Proficiencies Level Acquired Strike Parry Thrown
2-H, Sword 1 +10 +7 +3
Sword 1 +6 +5 +3
Knife N/A +4 +4 +4
Weapons: Damage Notes
Azalon’s Golden Rune Greatsword 1D6 X 10 (Special)
- Total Bonuses - Strike +14 / Parry +11 / Thrown +6 /
Disarm / +2D6 to damage. / +9 to Dodge /
Crit. 19-20 / +3 to Roll
Azalon’s Golden Dagger 1D6+4 (Special)
Armor AR SDC Notes
Dragon Armor Torc 16 N/A Worn around neck
Hand to Hand Attacks: Damage Notes
Body Flip / Throw 2D6 Plus P.S. damage bonus (if any), and the victim also loses initiative (if he had it) and one melee attack. A body flip counts as one melee attack. A victim of a throw can try to roll with impact/fall to diminish the damage (half if successful), but other penalties are unchanged.
Kick Attack 4D6 + PS; double damage for power (2-attacks)
Punch 3D6 + PS; double damage for power (2-attacks)
Living Rune Weapon Abilities: Notes
Bonuses: Host Body (Racial)
+1 on initiative, +1 to strike, parry and dodge, +1 to all saving throws, +6 to save vs all types of mind control, and impervious to possession.
Hibernation (Racial)
All Living Rune Swords have the ability to enter a hibernation state. This allows them to dissipate their host body and enter a sleep state. Once this is done, the host body cannot be reformed for at least 1D4x10 years, leaving it vulnerable and helpless during that time. In this state they are invulnerable to damage. The Rune Weapon will still appear as a typical Rune Weapon, but the consciousness inside will be silent and sleeping.
Two Forms, One Being (Racial)
Though there are two forms (Rune Weapon and host body), the Living Rune Sword is still just one being. As a result, it is nearly impossible to separate a Rune Weapon from its host body. Doing so would be the same as removing an arm or a leg of most other beings. If ever separated, the two will be able to sense each other regardless of distance, knowing exactly where the other is at all times. As a result of this connection, any attempt to disarm the Rune Weapon from the host body is performed at a -4 penalty due to their natural connection. This penalty applies only to the Rune Sword and host body, and no others. It does not apply to a different wielder, even if the two have bonded.
While an advantage, this is also one of their main vulnerabilities. Unknown to most is that if ever separated from its Rune Weapon, the host body will start to die. The Rune Weapon is the source of its power, and without it the host body cannot be sustained. For every minute separated, the host body suffers 1D6 damage, starting immediately from a separation of more than 5 feet (1.5 m). Fortunately for the host body, all powers and abilities are retained (except for Hibernation, which requires close contact), including the ability to heal. While this can help to save the host body’s life, it will only prolong the inevitable if the Rune Weapon cannot be regained.
Vulnerabilities (Racial)
Cannot recover health normally. Only by expending P.P.E. can the Living Sword repair the damage it has suffered. 1 P.P.E. recovers 1 Hit Point, or 2 P.P.E. for 1 S.D.C. (or M.D.C.). Only 10 H.P./S.D.C. (or M.D.C.) per level of the Living Rune Sword can be restored in a single melee round.
If the body of the Living Sword is destroyed, it cannot make a new body and will be nothing more than a Rune Weapon from that point on.
Combat Bonuses (Basic)
Minor Level – 3
+3 on initiative, +1 to strike & parry, +4 to dodge & pull punch, +2 to disarm and roll with punch/fall/impact.
Return to Wielder When Thrown (Lesser)
Lesser Level – 6
The Rune Weapon can be thrown like a missile weapon regardless of weapon type. It will return to the host body’s (or wielder’s) hand immediately after striking its target. Throwing the weapon and having it return counts as only one melee attack. Range: 40 feet (12.2
m). Bonuses: Additional +1 to strike thrown. Penalties: Loses the ability to automatic parry for that turn of attacks.
Teleport Weapon (Lesser)
Lesser Level – 6
It is difficult to separate the Rune Weapon from the host body, but this ability allows the weapon to be teleported to a different location for a short time. With this ability, the Rune Weapon can remain separated for one melee round per level of experience (e.g. a level 8 Warper can remain separated for up to 8 melee rounds). Combined with Return to Wielder When Thrown, the weapon will return to the wielder (mentally commanded or at the end of the duration, whichever comes first), striking anything in its path. It takes one melee attack to teleport the item, and then a second attack to have it return. This can be an excellent tactic for sneak attacks or attacking multiple opponents in a row. Range: 120 feet (36.5m). Limit: Twice per 24 hour period, plus one additional use at levels ten and fourteen (Azalon may perform this 4xDay). Requires:Return to Wielder When Thrown
Indirect Attack
Greater Level – 9
When thrown, the Rune Weapon can move around obstacles, turn corners, go around shields, or otherwise twist, curve, and move in an unnatural manner to hit its target. This ability to move and turn in midair makes it difficult to avoid. Range: 80 feet (24.4 m). Bonuses: +4 to strike. Penalties: Loses the ability to automatic parry for that turn. Limit: Three times per 24 hour period. Requires: Return to Wielder When Thrown.
Greater Damage
Greatest Level – 12
Add 4D6 damage to the base damage of the weapon.
Dimensional Damage
Greatest Level – 12
The weapon doesn’t just deal physical damage, but its dimensional nature allows it to inflict damage to its victims on a far deeper level. Any damage dealt from the Warper cannot be healed by Bio-Regeneration for 1D4 hours! This can be extremely deadly for fighting magical and supernatural beings. Additionally, the weapon is capable of dealing damage to Astral Beings, incorporeal beings, and those slightly out of phase. Note: To damage Astral Beings, incorporeal beings, those out of phase, etc., the target must first be seen or located by other methods. This ability does not allow the user to see otherwise undetectable targets, only to damage them.
Natural Abilities: Notes
Nightvision 40’
PPE recovery 5 every three hours, awake or asleep
See the Invisible Always on
Impervious to Possession Always on
Fire/Cold/Poison/Toxins/Drugs/Disease Resistant 1/2 Damage, Duration
Dragon Armor Torc A.R.: 16 Worn around neck
If the base roll does not surpass the A.R. of the Torc then no damage gets through.
Ring of the North Wind See Notes Fleet Feet (10 min. 3x Daily)
Doubles Attacks per Melee
Doubles PP & SPD
Penalty to delicate skills (see spell)
Teleport (Instant 3x Daily)
self and possessions only
Holy Ring of Horus See Notes Impervious to Horror Factor (30 min. 3x Daily)
Protection from Undead (Holds them at Bay & wielder is impervious to vampire gaze.
Charm Bracelet of Doom See Notes Will mystically shrink and hold 8 weapons as charms on the bracelet. Giant sized weapons take 2 slots.
Broach of Doom See Notes Will mystically shrink and hold a single weapon which will pop out upon command word; up to and including a giant sized weapon.
Sheath of Doom See Notes Will mystically shrink and hold a single sword which will pop out upon command word; up to and including a giant sized weapon. All swords look like dagger versions of their full size forms. Azalon’s owns a magic dagger that is a matching replica of his blade for when he is not storing his sword there.
Gauntlets of Quick Hands A.R.: 10 25 SDC Called Shot
See Notes
+ 1 attack per melee
+1 to Initiative
Skills requiring hands can be done 10% faster.
Sorcerer’s Dragon Helm PPE: 60; Regen 10 per 3 hr.
See Notes
1st Lvl. Spells: Globe of Daylight / Blinding Flash / Decipher Magic / Sense Magic
2nd Lvl. Spells: Fear (HF-16) / Levitation / Mystic Alarm / Weightlessness
3rd Lvl. Spells: Breathe Without Air / See Wards / Sense Traps / Paralysis: Lesser
4th Lvl. Spells: Carpet of Adhesion / Astral Projection / Fire Bolt / Blind
6th Lvl. Spell: Tongues
Azalon’s Golden Rune Greatsword 1D6 X 10 See Item Page
Azalon’s Golden Dagger 1D6+4
Super Sharpness: +4 to dam., lowers Crit. Str. by 2 for this dagger
Armor Piercing: Bypasses A.R.
Teleports to Wielder: Range 500 miles (80km) away.
OCC Skills Base % Bonus Start Current Total %
Climb/Scale Walls ?? +10% 1 16 98%
- Sense of Balance
- Parallel Bars & Rings
- Back Flip & Somersault
- 36%
- 36%
- 46%
- 5%
- 5%
- 5%
1 16 Tot.
- 98%
- 98%
- 98%
Language:Trade-Elven 98 N/A 1 16 98%
Language:Dwarven 46% +20% 1 16 98%
Language:High-Elven 46% +20% 1 16 98%
Literacy:Trade-Elven 36% +15% 1 16 98%
Math:Basic 51% +20% 1 16 98%
Military Etiquette 41% +10% 1 16 98%
WP Sword N/A N/A 1 16 N/A
HtH: Style – Elongated Blade N/A N/A 1 16 N/A
OCC Related Skills Base % Bonus Start Current Total %
Heraldry Base
- 21%
- 26%
- +10%
- +10%
1 16 Total
- 98%
- 98%
Recognize Weapon Quality 31% +10% 1 16 98%
Detect Ambush 36% +10% 1 16 98%
Intelligence 38% +10% 1 16 98%
Horsemanship: General Base
- 41%
- 26%
- +10%
- +10%
1 16 Total
- 98%
- 98%
Track Humanoids 31% +5% 1 16 98%
Surveillance 31% +10% 1 16 98%
Streetwise 38% +10% 1 16 98%
Lore: Demons & Monsters 31% +5% 1 16 98%
Dance: Prof. 36% +15% 4 12 98%
Lore: Geomancy 31% +5% 8 8 77%
Secondary Skills Base % Start Current Total %
Prowl 31 1 16 98%
Literacy: High Elven 36% 1 16 98%
Literacy: Avestan 36% 1 16 98%
Literacy: Dwarven 36% 1 16 98%
Lang: Avestan 46% 5 11 98%
Lang: Uwa’yafe 46% 5 11 98%
Wrestling N/A 10 6 N/A
Boxing N/A 10 6 N/A
Running N/A 15 2 N/A
Gen. Athletics N/A 15 2 N/A

Name Count Location Description
Magic Jewelry a lot Held ( F )
Other Stuff Hmmmm Wouldn’t you like to know Special
2-Handed Rune Greatsword 1 Held ( F )
Golden Magic Dagger 1 Held ( F )


In the final centuries of the conflict, the dwarves would call upon demonic forces that would, ironically, destroy the only two rulers who might have restored peace and equality to both kingdoms, the usurper Dwarf King, Isle-Wind and the Elven Lord Azalon.

PFRPG – Core Rules pg.290 column one; bottom of the column

Azalon is the chosen name of the Elven Knight turned Wizard that had many friends among the other races and was mortified when he learned from a Titan first hand that the race had lost their friendship and never try to find him again. He started to study magic over the sword and saw what could be accomplished if Elf and Dwarf would just stop fighting! While studying at the Prime Incunabula he met Isle-Wind and a friendship had begun that would bring the fighting to a halt. During the last quiet of the “Founders War,” both Isle-Wind and he brought their nations to the table for peace talks once more. Sadly, that day where both sides were to sign treaties ending the war the Ironmonger faction struck led by Gazhur Drodd, the mad Dwarven Bio-Wizard! Despite every effort to stop him Drodd cast the “Great Thunder” and to everyone on Palladium the city had been atomized!

What was only a few minutes later for Azalon was the shift of time and space as his world changed forever! His molecules dis-assembled and re-assembled in another dimension!

Island at the Edge of the World pg.138 column two #GM Note

The great Tower of the People Voice, what we would call a senate or congress, the fortress it was attached to and the next 30 miles in all directions of the city and everyone in that vicinity were now here! In the middle of one of the worst Ley Line storms you could imagine! Every few minutes people would appear and disappear! Trying to get everyone to safety both he and Isle-Wind stayed to try and contain the maelstrom unchecked and ripping through everything they could see! Then they saw him, the architect of madness, Drodd! A battle ensued between the three of them that had effects felt by every magic user on this new world! Then a moment where Isle-Wind stunned Drodd and Azalon thrust with his gigantic two-handed blade and pierced the mad Dwarf. Before he could fully remove his sword the dimensional energies pulsed once more and Drodd was gone along with a third of Azalon’s sword!

Then it stopped…

Looking out from the top of the tower they could see that this was not Palladium, the mad Dwarf had ripped them from their homeworld and they were unsure of how to get back! Over the next 20 years they would try and find that all of their attempt to find there home met with failure and now they were tasting the bitter feeling of the races they had summoned to fight wars for them.

They were trapped!

Welcome to the Brave New World.

Elf picture by DJ-black-n-white go check his stuff out!


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