Ayden Hammerdon

Ayden ~ The Mindseer ~

Rank & O.C.C.: 4th Level Mind Mage
Race: Daedal
Land of Origin: Daedala
Citizenship: Daedala

Member of the Academy of Inner Spirit, Complete character sheet is Here.
Description: A rather tall and lanky Farseer, Daedal. Master Psionicists. Eldest son of a wealthy and influential, Farseer mining Family.

Family Hammerdon:

The Hammerdon Clan, a proud Farseer Family, can trace their roots back to the original mining folk. They were more than just mere miners; they were the owners, workers, and operators of the largest of the mines of Daedala and Regnum. In order for any Hammerdon son or daughter to control a stake they must have worked many hours in the mines, this was so they would fully understand every aspect of the industry. The other Daedal Families all came to Clan Hammerdon for advice on mining and deep exploration of the earth. Their mining prowess and expertise are renown throughout Regnum. Their better sight was essential to low to no light mining conditions. This is why the Hammerdon, a very pure Farseer Clan, gravitated towards this lifestyle. All Hammerdon all highly skilled in the use of hammers, this goes for all aspects including their use in combat.

~ BIO ~

Ayden Wolf-son of Anders, Wolf-son of Bengt. Chapter 1, the early years:

The oldest child of Anders BengtWolf Hammerdon and Conweanna AdelWolf Hammerdon, Ayden was to be groomed to take the helm of a very robust family business, but early on it was very apparent, to Ayden, that he was destined for a much different path. As puberty was felt in Ayden’s loins, he found he was able to hear thoughts, see events moments before they happened and eventually control objects with his mind, and make small animals act in an abnormal fashion. These abilities were erratic at best, but when he could control them, his prowess was astonishing. Psychic abilities were not uncommon amongst his clan and family but mostly in a minor sense, and these abilities were used to advance the mining business, through mental manipulation of the earth and equipment (telekinesis), influence on dealings with others (minor mind control), and training through thought rather than action. Yet, being the Oldest he was expected to take the Helm. Thus, at first, he kept this to himself, but his nature, and loyalty to his Father and Clan, precluded this.
When his Father had brought him to one of the Families larger mines to get a more in-depth introduction to the business, Ayden had a flash of a great disaster in the mine, more concerned with the safety and lives of the workers and fellow Clansmen than his own potential indignity; he quickly approached his Father and blathered about his strange abilities and what he had seen. Anders, shocked at first at his son’s declaration, quickly realized what was going on and began an evacuation of the area of the mine that his son was describing. As the last worker was moved out of the area, a massive quake rippled through the land causing a major collapse of the deepest parts of the mine. They were many injuries, but no fatalities.
Once the “smoke” cleared Anders realized that his Eldest was not going to go into to the family business. After taking care of the mines and the workers, Anders immediately arranged for his son to go to the Academy of Inner Spirit in Paevendal, where it is determined that Ayden was a Master Psychic, one of the strongest seen in the realm in many a century. He was immediately enrolled, and began his training as a Mind Mage soon thereafter.

Chapter 2, Family ties:

Ayden (3/26/9982) has 7 siblings; 4 brothers & 3 sisters. His parents both have very minor psychic ability, enough to have minor empathic senses. Since the discovery of Ayden’s abilities, all of the children were thoroughly tested at various ages, especially during puberty.

Waya ConWolf Hammerdon (4/14/9984) is the eldest sister. She has no psychic ability, but is extremely intelligent. She has a good head for the mining business. After her brother leaves, she starts to tag along with her Father. Waya starts promoting her own ideas for increasing production. While not every idea is used, ones that are become grossly fruitful. These insights will help to propel Waya as a future leader in the industry.

Caleb AnderWolf Hammerdon (9/20/9986) is a normal middle child, not really excelling at any one particular field. He is still young, but has minor psionic abilities in the sensitive/empathic area. His is able to “convince” others to follow along with his antics, or “see” things his way, with very few exceptions (his oldest brother and two younger sisters are the most notable). He is quite adapt in the school debate circles, and has a future in negotiations and deal making.

Olcan AnderWolf Hammerdon (11/15/9988), like his oldest sister, has no psychic abilities, but is the giant of the family. He is not a typical middle child. At 14, he is already taller and stronger than his Father and two older brothers. A born leader, he is already 7 feet tall and 250 pounds, he is the biggest amongst almost all daedal around. Throughout his early youth he is heavily involved in sporting and physical activities. All the other young daedal want him on their side when competing, because they almost always win the contest. He is no “dumb jock” either; his tactical & strategic sense is attributed to his winning, more so than his sheer size and strength. He is the Captain of the teams he is on, a great feat for such a young daedal.

Phalen AnderWolf Hammerdon (6/1/9990) has developed major psychic abilities in the Kinesis fields. Adept at all the physical control of the elements, especially Telekinesis, he can seemingly mold solid rock to his will. He does have a severe lack of the sensitive/empathic senses though, very emotionless. “Blunt as Berkay” has been known to describe him in his circles, including altering his name into “Phlat as Phalen”. His siblings all use it, to the dismay and wrath of their parents. He has a potential career in mine engineering.

Tala ConWolf Hammerdon (9/11/9992) is the total polar opposite of her brother Ayden; gender, personality, outlook, and especially psionic ability. She is what many of the highest Master Psychics are starting to refer to as a Nega-Psychic. These oddities in the realm are completely impervious to any and all forms of psionic attack, manipulation, even the helpful psychic powers of healing. She is akin to an ISP black hole. Some of the greatest Master Psychics of the realm were not impervious to her “abilities”. Given this, she and Ayden are the closest of the siblings. This is due to Ayden not having any control or sense of his sister. It is a welcome relief, the chance to have a “normal” relationship with someone. This is quite the respite for Ayden, especially so on his short breaks from the Academy.

Eyolf AnderWolf Hammerdon (3/9/9994) is still young and has no discernable abilities. He is still enjoying being an ornery little Daedal. He causes mischief and mayhem, especially towards his siblings, regardless of the consequences. The typical youngest son, he is the bane and blessing of his mother and father, giving them much anguish and brief glee from his youthful antics.

Ingolf ConWolf Hammerdon (1/25/9996) is the runt of the family. She is much smaller compared to her female siblings at her age and amongst her Daedalii schoolmates. Don’t let this fool any being looking to take advantage, for she is already showing signs of being a very powerful psychic, even more powerful than Ayden. A few of her schoolmates, and her brother Eyolf, have experienced this first hand. After being teased for her size, she unwittingly harmed her “attackers”. Eyolf was lucky; he didn’t get the full brunt, as she was still young when it happened. One of her schoolmates was not, still recovering from serious burns. The cause not known, but many suspect. Ayden has a cautious relationship with Ingolf. On his first visit home from the Academy, weak and tired from the intense training, he felt her probing his mind. He had to use every ounce of inner strength to expel her, and he caught a glimpse of callous cruelty in her. He has done his best to keep this to himself, hoping to help her develop a sense of good once she and he are stronger. While at the Academy he could sense her anger and frustration during the “attacks”. He does have “conversations” with her when he is home. This usually gets them giggling, since they “discuss” their siblings and parents “behind there back”. This is mostly harmless and gives Ayden a strong connection with her.

Ayden is very protective of all his siblings. But he is especially protective of Tala and Ingolf. This comes from the special relationship he has with his two youngest sisters. He would do anything…anything to protect them, even if it is from themselves.

Chapter 3, Training Hell!:

Ayden has been in and around mining his whole, albeit short, life. Yet, nothing could have prepared him for the intensity of what he experienced at the Academy. It was so intense, that early on he almost withdrew from training. The only thing that kept him going was his sense of duty to his Family. He knew it would be a great shame to fail here. Only a small percentage of potential Master Psychics make it all the way through. Although the training that Master Psychics is a greatly guarded secret, they are some leaks as to what goes on inside the Academy. Take all of your dreams and nightmares; intensify them by ten-fold and you have a sense of the scope of what goes on in the Academy. Either because of shame, fear, or mind wipe, almost no failed students speak of their experience.

Chapter 4, The Prodigal Son?:

After a quite graduation, Ayden strikes out on his own. This is normal for most Master Psychics, as they must find their role in the world on their own. His first stop is a return to the Family home. This is not quite the “return of the Prodigal son”, but close. His Father knows he will not take over, unless great tragedy befalls the Family. His eldest sister is well on her way to being a great Matriarch of the Hammerdon Clan, but as siblings will tend to be, she is a touch jealous of Ayden. Even though her Father has taken a much greater interest in her and developing her as the head of the Hammerdon mines, He still spouts praises of his mighty Son, the Master Psychic. The hero of the Volkdul mines. Since Waya has no abilities, this helps to feed the jealousy. She loves her brother, and is proud of him, but like most daughters she yearns for the love and praise of her Father.

Ayden spends some time working in the mines, more to rest from his training. It is not long before he tires of this, more from the constant adulation from his fellow miners. His senses allow him to hear what most are thinking, and he just doesn’t like the adulation. Yes he helped to save them, yet he feels his abilities aren’t for his own selfish gain. It is a massive responsibility, which He alone must bear. After Several months working the mines, he has had enough. He goes to his Father and informs him of his decision to leave, again. His Father is saddened by his son’s decision but respects it. His immediate family has simple dinner to send him on his way. The night before he leaves he tries to put to rest the animosity between his Eldest Sister and himself. They have a long discussion and hash out a lot. There is still a few issues between them, but he tells her it gives him an excuse to make sure he comes back home, so they may finish their discussion.
As he is leaving he has one last conversation with his Father. He tells him of a strange premonition like feeling. He can’t tell what it is, but he can sense…feel…something… He makes sure to tell his Father that if something should happen, or he must make contact with him to talk with the Masters at The Academy. They will find Ayden and ensure he comes back. With this last task complete, Ayden sets of for what lies ahead.

Chapter 5, his first adventures:

Knowing that having some military skills might come in handy, Ayden first heads to the Mitran Academy of Norfendul. He has heard that many jobs, quests and expeditions get their start at Mitran. He hires onto a few missions, used mostly as a healer. Soon his heightened “Sixth Sense” shows its value to the warriors he works with, not to mention his other abilities. As he gains battle experience he takes time to return to the Academy, for training, and home, for the loving warmth he gets there. These respites are bitter-sweet, for he yearns for the adventure…and the camaraderie that comes with it. Yes he loves his family, yet he just doesn’t get the fulfillment at home that he does when he is out and about. This has a lot to do with the fact that he is the Omega of the family. When born his parents (especially his Father) envisioned him become the Alpha and leading his own brood one day. His Sister Waya has started to fill the role of the Alpha, a rare occurrence for a daedalii Farseer. As an Omega he still fits in with whatever troop he falls in with. When resting, he is usually meditating by himself regaining his inner Strength. Most leave him be they know his value in combat, plus his senses almost always prevent ambush on the crew while resting, and it makes it really hard to sneak up on him. In any action he stays towards the rear lobbing attacks, healing any that fall back, always with some type of hammer out and at the ready. Ready to defend those freshly healed or himself. He has performed many types of jobs. When funds are low he will hire himself out as negotiator, manual labor, healer, whatever task he feels he can handle.
He likes to relax also. “Work hard, party harder. All work and no play make Jaeger a dull boy.” are some of the quotes from Ayden when he heads into the local establishment. This happens mostly when he is home, he feels much safer there letting his fur down so to speak. His favorite hang-outs are those that cater to his kind (psychic hauses as they are known, very rare) and those that have fast paced, heavy music (punk hauses, less rare). The latter so that he can numb his thoughts, the former so he can strengthen his mind. If he plays a little too hard, a little extra meditation and healing are enough to stave off any lingering effects. He does meet a few daedalii Farseer that he finds attractive, but none that he seems to want a long relation with. Mostly because he still is finding his way, more importantly as Daedal mate for life, he hasn’t found the “One”.
Overall he has had great adventures, but his meditations almost always have a foreboding sense to them. Either he is not skilled enough, or something is blocking him from coming to a fuller realization of the danger. He knows something is coming, he just can’t figure out what. The Masters know something troubles him, when he is back at The Academy, he feelings are quite clear to them. He senses they know not only his frame of mind, but what is on the horizon. Ayden doesn’t push the issue, just continues to delve into the sensation, trying to make sense of it.

Chapter 6, his friend Marcellus :

Ayden has known Marcellus since he was a young pup; Anders has been doing business with Marcellus for many years. Marcellus was always kind to the Daedal, especially Ayden’s family, treating them as equals, not subservient. From early on, Ayden has known that Marcellus wasn’t whom he seemed to be, but in a good way. More from his psychic ability than anything else, he could sense something or someone else behind Marcellus, something hidden deep. Marcellus may have sensed this; because once Ayden graduated he called on him for many tasks and jobs. At first it was easy tasks such as healing and manual labor. As Ayden grew and became stronger, Marcellus trusted him with greater tasks requiring more responsibility. He graduated to guarding cargo; freight and the living; ensuring the safe passage of both to their destination. His enhanced “Sixth Sense” ensured an almost perfect delivery rate. Of late Marcellus has entrusted Ayden with tasks requiring even greater accountability. Assisting Marcellus’ tasks given by the Three Brothers Trading Company. Ayden has even met one of the brothers, Leenus. He gets the exact same feeling about Leenus that he does with Marcellus, but out of respect to his employer (The Brothers) and his longtime friend Marcellus, he never probes deeper. He has heard a lot of Leena, the distant cousin of the Brothers, but has never met her. He has seen images of her, quite stunning, but not his cup of stew. Ayden has become a trusted operative for Marcellus and when needing a Mind Mage he almost always calls upon Ayden for the task at hand.

Coming soon: Chapter 7, what does the future hold?

Ayden Hammerdon

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