The Elf, Countess Avalona, is a former Martial Sai, prior ‘active’ member of the Company of the Golden Coin, retired Captain among the Leafcloaks of Tristine, and for the last century has represented her nation of the Kingdom of Greenwater among the World Council. She was the one that helped mobilize the forces of wizards to help with the undead and demon host in the wake of the ‘Fall of Galfast’. In the past two and a half centuries she has helped those she deemed worthy of being called good to rise in power and positions of prominence.

Her affairs have had historians compare her to Queen Lavia Greenwater and while there is some debate it appears she may be a descendant of one of those trysts of said founding queen of the realm. She spends the time not handling affairs of state in training student in her fencing school on Baalgor in the art of the sword, calligraphy, and body mechanics. Every 6 years she will accept another student to be trained as a Martial Sai, but only one at a time. This has explained why her aids on the council seem to rotate out every few years. Any student of a year fencing program within her academy: Cuideachta ar an Fang Gealach, may add +1 to ‘dodge’ when using a sword. Those whom study for three years or longer may also add +2 to either ‘parry’ or ‘strike’ but not both.

While she nor Ambassador, Prince Quinto of the Empire of Vorlantis will confirm or deny the questions about an affair brewing between them. They can often be found in the various garden of the Golden Tower sparring while discussing matters of global importance. However, word from sources within the world capital suggest their political views are either in sync or wildly different dependent on the topic being discussed. It would appear she does not trust the recent appointment of the Dwarf ambassador but this has not been confirmed.

Elven Ambassador from Hyrule Warriors,
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Guardians of the Accord