Arm of the Guardians

Arm of the Guardians

How to you oversee an international policy for 12 empires covering roughly 3 million square miles?

The “Arm” has become the popular term for describing the military might of the Guardians and its ability to enforce international laws, such as the Accord and other edicts that follow from decisions made by the Council of Twelve or the “Head” of the Guardians to many peoples throughout Regnum.

There is an influence of the Sussurian military practices in using body parts to denote organizational structure even if they do not follow any one country’s established practices. The “Arm” has a special designation for the Guardian Janissary, the “Hand” during times of peace, and the “Fist” when used in active peacekeeping efforts. All military personnel sign up for 6 year terms of service for their volunteering country. Often the government will supplement the families of those serving out of habit, in recent years this practice has begun to fall by the wayside. Due to growing resentment raised by some countries that don’t like to be told how to conduct their international affairs.

The number of troops sent by countries has increased from all member nations save the Galvan Republic. They claim they have need of their people at home to help guard against demonic incursion of the Galvan Necropolis in the north. Many wonder if they might leave the Accord, however, their supporters have made it clear that in the wake of those events they may not have donated more people and supplies but never once has it gone below what they have always given even though that tragedy was in their empire.

Here is the breakdown of the Arm of the Guardians:

Military Personnel
  • Uniformed personnel: 96,284 – Mages, Priests, and Psychics fall in this category
  • “Arm” Land based personal: 368,318 – Primarily the Solider O.C.C. for army
  • “Arm” Sea & Air based personal: 210,000 – Primarily the Mariner O.C.C. for navy
  • “Hand/Fist” Guardian Janissary: 62,963
  • Unseen Fist Arcanus Guard: 25,000
  • Local Lawbringers: 12,705 (one in twenty of these are Janissaries) Primarily used to protect Baalgor Island and the mainland holdings of the Guardians of the Accord.
Support Personnel
  • Total Civilian personnel: 63,822
  • - International: 22,128 (just over 1,000 per empire)
  • - Local: 41,694

Countries contributing personnel: 12

Guardian Military courtesy of Dokdie!
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Arm of the Guardians