Behdin Worgenmas

Behdin of the Church of Dualism
A devout follower of the Lord of Death, Disease and Undead, Nasu. He has had to work very hard on putting his best foot forward to represent the Ahrimanites pantheon as its representative to the Devan.

He is the one of the top surgeons and pathologists the world has. He has used this set of skills to put a very happy face on worshipping the Undead. Make no mistake he is the source among many circles of why people trust magic over science! The experiments he has done to the undead, dying, and truly dead are used to remind children to be good in the Vilgard Federation where he hails from.

Plaver: NPC
Race: Galvan-Human
Land of Origin: Evorcelona, Vilgard Federation
Citizenship: Vilgard Federation

Picture from Boscopenciller.