Towers of Holy Dawn

Towers of Holy Dawn

Earth Society Reference: The 15th through early 16th amalgam of the cultures of Regnum.

The Towers of the Holy Dawn are located in the burrow of Easton and is the sole location where every faith is represented, or it no longer practiced lore about it is store in its archives.

The Founders of the Accord, and later the world government of the Guardians of the Accord knew that people would worship differently and they needed a place where all faiths would be treated equally to help smooth the way toward acceptance of the World Council and the Accord. Each tower houses a single faith and they help meet and decide how to best help their faithful out. This unofficial facet of the government has become the world’s single biggest charitable aid organization!

There are four other cities/burrows collectively the island supports 2.5 million residents and a transient population that is around 900,000 to 1.25 million every year.

Local day to day civil governance is handled by a joint effort of two groups:

  • A special detachment of the Arm of the Guardians called the Lawbringers.
  • Mayoral Council of the Towers of the Civilian in Northton.

Picture by Silentfield!
Holy Down Towers courtesy of Anubis1982!


Towers of Holy Dawn