The Free Islands


This is the only other location in the world that is a free as empire of Berkay, and many claim it has more freedoms than even that jewel. This is also where dissidents of the Free Islands claim their is more crime and problems because of such ‘freedoms.’ The truth is often a mix of the two.

The largest thing going for the Free Islands is its trade laws on a “Free Port”

A port or an area of a port in which imported goods can be held or processed free of customs duties before re-export.

The way they make money is the taxes on a ship is 100 marques per ship and 50 marques for use of the Free Port area. Now security is tight in the Free Port area, so tight that any violence is met with magic equipped guards (warriors & mages), your cargo is confiscated, and the offenders are teleported to their ships and given warning to bring 10,000 marques per crewman and the ship back if they ever wish to use the port again.

There have been 186 cases in the last 10,000 years of a ship testing this and ALL have met a fiery end at sea.

Welcome to the Free Islands, please enjoy your stay!

Motto: Might is right

Capital City: Not Applicable
Notable Locations: Each Island has one port city and the rest is owned by residents. Law enforced in the manner they see fit.

Shield heraldry and map by HOTROD!

The Free Islands