A concubine of Chen.

Plaver: NPC
Rank & O.C.C.: 3rd Level Mythic Warrior
Race: Yin-Lords
Land of Origin: Yin-Drakkos, Quin-Long.
Citizenship: Yin-Drakkos

I wish to talk about my master Chen. I am his concubine, Tarak’rabeth (pronounced tah RAHK’ rah BETH’). He only talks about others and is very kind and gentle however he is so private and so little is known I will reveal what I have found out about him.
The man, the yin-lord, Chen has dedicated his life to the expansion of medicine and though I have only known him for five years, his skills are uncanny. For someone with tattoos and gold skin he almost shines and seems almost rises above that of a savage who could hurt people like outsiders view us. The air of mysticism is odd and thick and his magic rings though they explain it, the magic is unlike I have ever seen.
Still, he is kind, charming, humorous and good; mostly acquired but still good. A great lover. On many nights he spends doing a tea ceremony outside and staring at the stars while sitting deep in thought. The mission that he is on is commissioned by a dragon; though he will not say which one. I personally look forward to seeing the whole world with this delightful and exciting guy.

HT 6’6" ft
IQ 13 Save vs Magic +2 Strike +5
WT 142 lbs ME 12 Save vs Psionics +0 Parry +5
PPE 44 MA 7 Save vs Coma/Death +18% Dodge +5
HP 59 PS 25 Save vs poison/disease +4 Roll +2
SDC 90 PP 24 Save vs H.F. + Pull +2
Level 3 PE 19 Save vs Insanity +0 Initiative +2
Exp. GM’s Notes PB 23 Perception Roll + Damage +10
Sex Female SPD 27 Critical 20
Birthday 9th of Dey, 9978 A.T. AR-Nat Disarm +0
HTH: Basic HF 12 Attacks **
Alignment Scrupulous Trust/Intimidate % K.O./Stun N/A
Charm/Impress 65% Death Blow N/A

Marques: $

Non-Monetary Items of value:

Gems <>

Weapons: Damage Strike Parry Other
Whip 2D6+2 +7 +7 to Entangle
+2 to damage
Short Staff 1d6 +8 +9 +1 to Thrown
Armor RF-C RF-T RF-I RF-S SDC Notes
Total Bonus 2 1 1 6 20 See below
Here 2 1 1 6 20 Cold does 1/2 Damage

Natural Weapons: Damage Notes
Tail 3D6 + PS, can also be used to disarm, entangle, hold and constrict
** N/A 36ft Long; 35ft High;
** 2D6 + PS
** 4D6 + PS; Counts as Two Attacks.
Racial Abilities: Notes
Yin Lord: Hold Breath Minutes = to PE (See below), survive at depths of up to 600 ft.
Bio-Regeneration Fingers and last quarter of tail completely regrown if lost, within 1d4+4 weeks. Hands/arms: 1d6+6 months; lower half of body (if properly treated): 2d6+9 months. Restores HP and SDC twice as fast as humans.
O.C.C. / R.C.C. Abilities: Notes
Improved Strength Add 2 PS for every mythic beast; if all eight, then PS is Supernatural
Enhanced Endurance Each mythic beast provides: 1 PE, +5% to save vs death/coma, +5D6 SDC, +1d6 HP, fatigues at 1/4 normal rate, hold breath twice as long (4 minutes), +1 save vs disease
Hold Breath 30 minutes!
Fatigue Rate 1/8th normal rate
Heightened Reflexes and Agility Each mythic beast provides +1 PP, +1 Initiative, +5% to Balance, +10% Leap distance, +1 pull punch, +1 roll P/F/I
Increased Speed +3 Spd for every Mythic Beast
Mythic per mythic beast: +10 HP, Recovers +1 SDC/HP per hour
Elemental Resistance Normal fire and cold do half damage. Magic fire and cold do full damage. At level 5, gains immunity to all petrification attacks.
Other bonuses For every TWO mythic beasts: +1 Perception, +1 save vs HF
PPE For every Mythic beast: +10 PPE. Restores at a rate of 10 per hour.
Special Powers: MAGIC
Spell Casting Lev Acq Lev Spell Range Duration Save PPE

Hoarfrost Goat

Climb as the Goat:
The Mythic Warrior gains the climbing skill and surefootedness of the Goat. This ability works like the spell Climb.

Range: Self only

Duration: Five minutes per level of experience.

Saving Throw: None

P.P.E.: Three
Frost Blast:
The Mythic Warrior can summon an orb of magical cold energy (about the size of a grapefruit or softball) into his hand to hurl an enemy. The character must roll to strike, getting his usual P.P. bonus (if any). The orb disappears in one melee round (15 seconds) if it is not thrown. If the orb hits, it inflicts 3D6 cold damage; if it misses, it is gone.

Damage: 3D6 damage (M.D. on M.D. worlds)

Range: Throw 300 feet

Duration: Instant

Saving Throw: Dodge

P.P.E.: Five
Healing Touch:
The Mythic Warrior can heal with a touch. This ability heals any external wounds/cuts, internal injuries and broken bones without scarring. This restores 3D6 S.D.C and 1D6 Hit Points. Note: On Mega-Damage worlds, this can alternatively heal 2D6 M.D.C. to M.D.C creatures.
Range:Touch or self
Duration: Instant
Saving Throw: Standard if the person resists the magic
P.P.E.: Fifteen
Words of Harm:
The Mythic Warrior can infuse a single word with magical power; by directing word at a single living target he can inflict significant harm. Varus was said to be able to use this ability to its full strength like that of the Goat, but no other Mythic Warrior was able to use it to the level of power. The target must be within range and be able to hear the Mythic Warrior. The word used is unimportant but usually it is something like “die” or “pain”. The word inflicts 3D6 damage directly to Hit Points. If the character can whisper the word into the ear of his intended victim, the damage inflicted is doubled. Creatures that are killed by this ability appear to have aged significantly. Note: On Mega Damage worlds this inflicts M.D. to M.D.C. creatures.

Damage: 3D6 damage directly to Hit Points

Range: 30 feet; clear sound

Duration: Instant

Saving Throw: None

P.P.E.: Fifteen
Form of the Beast (Goat):
The Mythic Warrior grows one foot taller, his weight doubles, his legs become goat-shaped, his feet turn into large hooves, his body becomes covered in dark blue-black fur and his head takes the form of a goat’s with long, Ibex-like horns. Any worn footwear is destroyed and anything worn on the head is forced off or destroyed. The character still has hands and can use items as normal. While in the form, the character is impervious to cold damage, gains an A.R. 8, S.D.C. is doubled (On Mega-Damage worlds, M.D.C. is doubled). This ability also enhances the stamina of the Mythic Warrior, allowing him to never tire of fatigue. the character can engage in any type of strenuous activity without getting tired in the least. At the end of the effect, the Mythic Warrior will feel fresh, but any further activity will cause him to fatigue at his normal rate. This superhuman endurance also allows the character to lift and carry 10% more than usual, and is +2 to save vs. disease, poison and toxins.

Range: Self Only

Duration: Five minutes per level of experience

Saving Throw: None

P.P.E.: Thirty-Five

Hexalisk the Lizard

Paralysis Hex:
The Mythic Warrior can invoke one of the Lizard’s hexes, and this ability works like the spell Paralysis: Lesser.

Range: 60 ft

Duration: 1 min per level

Saving throw: Standard

PPE: 5
Blind Hex:
The Mythic Warrior can invoke one of the Lizard’s hexes; this ability works like the spell Blind.

Range: Touch or 10 feet away

Duration: One min. per level

Saving throw: Standard

PPE: 8
Confusion Hex:
The Mythic Warrior can invoke one of the Lizard’s hexes; this ability causes the target to become confused and they become unaware of their environment or happenings around them. The afflicted creature cannot formulate thoughts, use skills, or act on his own. The confused victim cannot engage in any type of combat (offers no resistance), conversation or any action that requires skill or concentration. If the target takes damage from any source, they snap out of the confusion in 1D4 melee rounds.

Range: Touch or within 12 feet, line of sight

Duration: Five min. per level

Saving Throw: Standard

PPE: 10
Fire Blast:
The Mythic Warrior can fire a bolt of fire from his mouth or eyes; bonus to strike is +4.

Damage: 4D6 damage.

Range: 100 ft +5 per level

Duration: Instant

Saving Throw: Dodge

PPE: 7
Form of the Beast (Lizard):
This ability transforms the Mythic Warrior into a smaller version (about the size of a pony instead of a large horse) of the Hexalisk, gaining an additional 1,000 pounds. While in this form, the character lacks the ability to use most items and any skills requiring the complicated use of hands. Any worn clothing or armor is destroyed by the transformation. This form grants the character an A.R. of 10, S.D.C. is tripled, a bite attack that does 2D6 damage, is impervious to fire damage and regenerates 1D6 S.D.C./Hit Points per melee round. Also, while in this form, the Mythic Warrior can channel the hex-like abilities of the Lizard (paralysis, blind and confusion) through his bite attack as a single attack/action (still cost PPE to use).

Range: Self Only

Duration: 1 melee round per level

Saving Throw: None

P.P.E.: 4
?? ?? ??

Weapon Proficiencies Level Acquired Strike Parry Thrown Notes
Whip One +2 N/A N/A +2 to Entangle
+2 to damage
Blunt One +3 +3 +1 N/A
OCC Skills Base%: +6-IQ Bonus Start Current Total %
Lang: Dragonese (Trade Elven) 98% N/A 1 6 98%
Lang: Shihon 98% N/A 1 6 98%
Lang: Faerie Speak 46% +20% 1 6 91%
Animal Husbandry 36% +15% 1 6 76%
Cook 36% +15% 1 6 76%
Athletics 1 6
Wilderness Survival 31 +15% 1 6 71%
W.P. Blunt N/A N/A 1 6 See W.P.s
W.P. Knife N/A N/A 1 6 See W.P.s
HtH: Expert N/A N/A 1 6 See Combat
OCC Related Skills Base%: +6-I.Q. Bonus Start Current Total %
Prowl 36% +10% 1 3 71%
Swimming (Natural) 60% +5% 1 3 75%
Climbing (Natrual) 60% +10% 1 4 80
-Rappelling 55% +10% 1 4 75%
Tracking (by smell)
- Track Animals 25%+4% +20% 53%
-Track Humanoids 25%+4% +10% 43%
Lore:Demons & Monsters 22% +10% 34%
Lore: Faerie Folk 26% +5% 1 6 56%
Lore: Magic 1 6
- Gen. Knowledge 31% +20% 76%
- Rec. Wards, Runes & Circles 21% +20% 66%
- Rec. Enchantment 41% +20% 86%
- Rec. Magic 26% +0% 51%
_______________ N/A ??% 6 1 N/A
_______________ N/A ??% 9 ?? N/A
_______________ N/A ??% 12 ?? N/A
Secondary Skills Base%: +6-I.Q. Start Current Total %
Rope Works 46% 1 4 76
Camouflage 26% 1 6 51%
First Aid 31% 1 6 56%
Holistic Medicine 31% 1 6 56%
Detect Ambush N/A 2 3 N/A
Detect Concealment N/A 2 3 N/A
_______________ N/A 5 2 N/A
_______________ N/A 5 2 N/A
_______________ N/A 7 ?? N/A
_______________ N/A 7 ?? N/A
_______________ N/A 10 ?? N/A
_______________ N/A 10 ?? N/A
_______________ N/A 13 ?? N/A
_______________ N/A 13 ?? N/A

Name Count Location Description
Journal Book 1 Shoulder satchel 200 pages
BOOK OF AVESTA 1 Shoulder satchel 2300 pages

Picture from Art Garden.