Soul Widow

Soul Widow the Black Sword

Legendary Rune Greatsword

Living Rune-Sword,
Two handed black blade with no crossguard and twisted black unicorn horn for a hilt. In faded black plaques on the flat of the blade are engraved with runes that seem to smoke slightly with ectoplasmic mist.

Alignment: Aberrant
Appearance: See Description above
Damage: Quite Impressive.
Curse: Soul Widow’s wielder must drink the life essence (blood) of others or its body will start to decay. They must feed once per week. If it does not, they will suffer 2D6 damage per day beyond one week, and cannot heal from any damage until it feeds. While feeding can come from multiple people to avoid killing, most wielders will simply go for the kill. Not only is it easier, but it’s also more satisfying. Some wielders will even feed more often just for the thrill of it.
Feeding on a single victim, in increments spread throughout a week, will not be sufficient without killing the victim. Having only two victims will leave both victims and the wielder feeling weak. To operate at full strength but avoid killing, three or more victims fed on slowly throughout the week is required. Ideally, after feeding on a victim the wielder should wait at least one month before feeding on the same victim again, twice as long for victims not in an ideal condition, such as weakness due to excessive blood loss, or being already unhealthy, elderly, etc. Magic or psychic healing can help reduce this recovery time significantly, effectively allowing the same victims to be fed on week after week.

Living Rune Weapon Abilities: Notes
Independent, Free-Will
Anyone touching Soul Widow the blade does not wish to will suffer 4D6 per melee round through contact damage until released. Supernatural or magic creatures take 8D6 damage per melee round of contact.
Horror Factor Its dark, unnatural nature has grown to such an extent that it radiates an aura of supernatural evil.
Sword and Wielder’s Horror Factor: 16.
Soul Channeling Instead of taking the time to actually study and learn new skills, the Soul Drinker can simply channel the knowledge of the souls it has consumed. One skill can be channeled from each soul consumed in the last 24 hours. This knowledge remains for 24 hours from the time the soul was consumed. Soul Drinkers often stalk a particular target with the intention of drinking their soul to obtain a skill. For example, if the Soul Drinker wishes to play the piano, it will likely stalk a notable pianist to consume the soul and learn by that means.
Duration: 24 hours.
Limit: The only limit is the number of souls that can be consumed (see Soul Drinking abilities for this limit).
Animate & Control Dead Using the souls it has stolen, the Soul Drinker can animate nearby dead bodies and then control them as minions. Up to 2D6 dead can be controlled at a time.
Duration: 4 hours per use.
Limit: Twice per 24 hour period and each use will consume half of the souls in the blade.
Soul Drinking Victims must make a save vs magic, but must roll a 14 or higher. A successful save means the victim’s essence is saved, but still suffers double damage (16D6 damage).
Limit: Four times per 24 hour period (whether the victims save or not).
Soul Strike This is the ability for the Soul Drinker to channel all the souls it has consumed in the last 24 hours into a powerful, destructive force unleashed in a single attack. This works best when combined with a large number of consumed souls. If Soul Channeling is also known, any skills acquired through this means will be lost/forgotten when the soul is used as an attack.
Soul Slash (melee): The full power of the sword is unleashed in one explosive attack. This attack can be dodged or parried as normal. Damage: Weapon damage, plus an additional 2D6 damage per soul consumed in the last 24 hours.
Soul Blast (ranged): In the alternative, an energy blast is emitted from the blade of the weapon. While not as powerful, this attack provides the benefit of a ranged assault.
Damage: 5D6.
Range: 100 feet (30.5 m) per soul consumed in the last 24 hours.
Bonuses: +4 to strike.
Soul Wave Instead of taking one soul at a time, the Vampire Sword can emit a wave of energy, consuming all nearby souls in the direction they’re pointing the blade! With this attack, Soul Widow doesn’t even need to draw blood from its victims and there is no limit to how many souls can be consumed, as long as they’re within range of the attack. Souls consumed in this manner do not count against Soul Widow’s 24 hour limit. This technique, combined with Soul Strike, can be an absolutely devastating combination.
Supernatural beings and creatures of magic are immune to this attack, as is the wielder of the Soul Widow (if applicable – Reflect Spell). Everyone else in range, ally and foe alike, must make a save vs magic (14).
Range: 5 feet (1.5 m) long and wide. For every 10 P.P.E. expended, the cone like effect can be increased by an additional 5 feet (1.5 m).
Limit: Once per 72 hours.

Sword picture from Rune Locus!

Soul Widow