Site Appearance and Notes

Site Appearance and Notes

I stole these from Killervp at A God… Rebuilt but I have played with them and I love them.

Here are the basic rules about the site’s appearance.


The color scheme for all pages is black=NON-Completed, dark magenta=characters, green=items, and blue=places and standard links. You will note that hyperlinks are often not underlined!! I think it makes this a cleaner site.


Wallpaper is originally a color work by Sergey Zabelin.


Site banner is from FanMing and Fan’s wonderful gallery at CG Hub. Many of the other site banners not listed as art I paid for or done by the players are from Sergey Zabelin, Andreas Rocha, and Fan Ming.


Artwork is property of the copyright owners. I use the art for 3 reasons, to help convey images, to establish mood, and to promote art I or my players like. Please click on the links given on most pages, or go to the acknowledgements page and support the artists if you like their work!


Be a good neighbor and Portelier! Drop Killervp at A God… Rebuilt a PM if you use any of these codes, and please add A God…Rebuilt and Regnum to your favorites!


Since the reforge I would have to thank 6 peopIe and all just asked me to share the code so here it is, click HERE.

How We “Role”

This is a sandbox campaign, with the emphasis on player participation. I, as the game master, have given them a basic premise and a world upon which they are located. How they get through each chapter, researching where to go, and how to handle the situation once the secrets are discovered is up to the players. The players decide who to trust (and put on the allies list), and who not to. They write their own logs, and decisions of where to go next is done by group vote. Many sessions involve far more “role” playing than “roll” playing.

Site Appearance and Notes