Mei Shunli

Mei Shunli

Shirn-Lulhi Martial Sai

Shirn-Lulhi agent on the Chaaya’s Quest. She joined the ranks of the crew in Quin Long. She studies Shirnryu-Ryf. She has fallen head over heels for Berkay fashion.

She is part of the Veba Guardsmen.

After the events reported in the log – Second Thoughts – Mei’s impression of Graegga has begun to change.

Beyond gender and the study of Martial Sai the two have absolutely nothing in common. Mei Shunli moves with all the gracefulness of a leopard stalking her prey, her perfectly manicured talons have left more than a scratch on those that have crossed her. Mei didn’t have much use for anyone other than herself. She had learned that growing up with her magnificent face, and her long lithe body made other females stare in anger, curiosity, or jealously and males to try to take what they wanted whether it was freely given or not. This daily battle is what made Mei travel the path of Shirn-Ryu-Ryf – to always be ready for attacks from anyone, anywhere.

Mei had been enjoying the solitude of travelling with the Ambassador and his group since she joined them in Quin-Long. She wasn’t looked at in any other way than as an impressive Guardsman and that to her relief gave her the time to enjoy her passion of designing fashions. Mei Shunli agreed to accompany Graegga on the shopping for the Ambassador’s sculpture materials. She does so enjoy Berkayan fashion and to have the ability to wonder through town and glean ideas from the patrons bustling through the market district was just too much to pass up.

It was not the type of shopping trip she was expecting – the seedier parts of town, not the polished shops with fashions and trinkets, more crumbling buildings and boarded up windows. Everything changes after running into the other band of Martial Sai. At least someone was going to get a weapons workout that day. Chuckling when Graegga threw away her hammer, that would be difficult for her as her body is her weapon. Fighting with one weapon instead of two, and handling herself with dignity, Mei was inwardly impressed with the young dwarf although she of course would never say that out loud.

What finally did it was the armor – Mei noticed some of the metal petals had carvings on them – nothing she had witnessed before. Little scenes of different people, different places, but only a few were finished – the remaining petals plain. Mei took an opportunity to ask Graegga about the designs and that is when the two were not separated for some time. Mei was fascinated with the idea of transforming an already dazzling piece of armor into a living work of art that could be passed down to future generations to either admire or even add to.

Mei asked Graegga if she could do some of the same etchings on her hip scarf and the two talked all night about design details and told stories about the inspiration for the piece. Having completed a few of the coins for Mei’s hip belt Graegga and Mei although as completely different as two Martial Sai could be had discovered that good friends can be found anywhere.

For more information please read the log Clues, Treaties, and Mysteries; Oh My.

Picture by Leighton Dickson.

Mei Shunli