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Most of this page is designed to be “Out of Character” knowledge that might come full circle to help with “In Character” roleplay. Often times when you read a fantasy book there are words you think you understand and other you are thinking “whAT!!!” trying to wrapped your head around it. Finding a reference in another section would be equally as difficult for certain readers. Here is where I intend to add special words alongside their meaning, culture, and description/relevance.

Work In Progress – Constantly evolving

Description & Notes
Arm of Brahma A saying within Fikir Tayfa, most naturally-occuring instances of magic are attributed to the great Brahma, from whom all life is given, according to the superstitions of the people. As such, Ley Lines are sometimes referred to as Arms of Brahma. This is very likely also because below the Vault, or the Word of Brahma, flows a Ley Line nexus, and there are six “Arms” or ley lines that stem from it.
‘Blunt as Berkay’ A saying that describes the people of Berkay having no filter and saying EXACTLY what is on their mind.
Char Char is a three dimensional alignment game similar to the many flavors of 3D tic-tac-toe that have appeared over the years. Its rules and production values raise it above the level of these titles, however. This game has become for Regnum what chess was for Earth.
Rules: The play space is a 4×4×4 volume. Players alternate placing black and white pieces into the volume; the goal is to create a row of four like-colored pieces either orthogonally or diagonally within any plane of the space. What makes the game unique is the pieces: There are “whole” pieces shaped like solid disks, and “half” pieces that are either rings or nubs that fit into the ring’s center. Discs count as either other type; a valid row contains either rings and/or disks OR nubs and/or disks. It is allowed to place, for instance, your nub into an opponent’s ring (quiet, you!). Therefore, potential lines can intersect one another. Furthermore, the pieces must be played in rotation, i.e. white disk, black disk, then white ring, black ring, then white nub, black nub; then again from the top.
Cirque (Pronounced SEERKH in the western regions, including Korin Ithrik, Fakir Tayfa, and Berkay. In the East and by most states that speak High Elven it is pronounced SOOR khae, where the last syllable is nearly unvoiced. Lastly, the Ursen pronounce it both su ERK ghey and su ERK gah , masculine and feminine forms, respectively.) An alternate name for the smallest Marque coin. It refers to the circle embossed on the face of the coin denoting its value. It also can refer to a little bit of, a pinch of, or a small portion of something. In Uwa’te it is also used as a term of endearment, and is a popular name among some clans.
Emir – Title of Office In Fikir Tayfa the public officials are called Emirs. It is a word from an ancient dialect of Tayfan, meaning commander, general, or prince. The six emirates – sovereign principalities, very similar to a City-state or a Dutchy – that make up the outer ring of Fikir Tayfa each have several individual Emirs, though there are several levels of authority, each answering to the one above, and dictating to the ones below. As Fikir Tayfan society is influenced greatly by crystals and crystaline patterns, the number of people under each emir is divided into a perfectly even number, excluding the Emir himself. In the case of an odd number, the highest-born merchant is given citizenship, to maintain geometric accuracy. The numbers of emirs are always even, and grow exponentially fewer in numbers the higher in the chain of command you go. There are only three Emirs on the highest level in the central emirate, Crystaris, the Royal City, and they are governed by the Raj and Raja, or King and Queen.
Eye of Agu, The On Earth, the North Star is named Polaris. On Regnum, the guiding star is called ‘The Eye of Agu’. Named after the Chaos Father, Agu, ‘The Eye of Agu’ is near the center of galaxy and all stars rotate around it. It can be seen in all seasons for this reason. It is said that Agu, after being imprisoned by Uwa long ago, wanting to still look down upon his creations on Regnum took his own eye and cast it into the sky. One story even describes how an evil temporal mage found a way to steal the eye from the heavens. When he took it, it granted him the power to see all things Past, Present, and Future. He reigned evil upon Regnum for several hundred of years. He was only overthrown after a hero dressed in a cloak that shrouded him from the view of the Eye came and slew the Temporal Mage. The Eye was thrown into the kingdom of the sea god. They say that the Eye still lays there, disguised by the Sea God as a giant white pearl. The star in the heavens is just a mere flicker of the real Eye.
Fruitisia A cold desert made by freezing candied fruits. Even in the Barrens, where magic is plentiful, this is a rare and expensive dish.
Groundpounder 1. A derogatory term used by the Arudanni peoples to describe one that can’t fly.
2. In educated circles across the world it describes someone as slow witted or dumb.
Madukamelon Candy A dried fruit sweet commonly found in the country of Berkay and exported the world over.
Malta Köken Drink designed by Valryk that seemingly allows a Gosai to temporarily touch metal. It is a fizzy drink that tastes of some sort of root in the Isthmus of Yin-Drakkos. The properties are not completely clear, and its exact recipes is not fully known. It is dark in color.
Narfine Named after Narfi , a minor Ursen spirit of night and dreams, it is a drug that has strong pain-relieving properties. Though, the Ursen primarily use it for its euphoric side effects. In ritual they believe it opens the mind and links a soul temporarily to both Uwa and Agu to produce visions. Professional medical practicioners from Yin-Drakkos disagree. They see the Ursen’s use of Narfine as purely addictive. Yet, despite these opinions they have adopted the drug for its medicinal properties. Narfine is purified from a golden lichen that only grows in tundra climates. There are two known species in Regnum, Narfirium uvatera found in the northern continent, and Narfirium ithrykaine found in the low mountains of between Korin Ithryk and Sussuria, just north of the Ithmus. The last species needs to be harvested with care, as it can be mistaken for a faerie lichen resembling the true species. The faerie lichen, called Golden Wrot, if consumed will trigger violent convulsions, coma and death.
Setting Sun of Old Berkay This is a Berkaic nickname given to Galilee, as cited in Tadje’s poem, Galilee My Home. In actual Berkaic tongue it is called, Gün Batımı Eski Berkaye’din.
Skyfast Mountain The Capital of the Realms of the Skyfasts and birthplace of the Arudanni peoples. The tallest mountain on Regnum at 6 miles high!
Skyfasts One of five floating cities in the sky at different parts of the world:
- Greenfast: hovering over the Kingdom of Greenwater.
- Daerfast: hovering over the Empire of Daedala.
- Vilfast: hovering over the Vilgard Federation.
- Sussfast: hovering over the Empire of Sussuria.
- Belfast: hovering over the Sultanate of Berkay.

Lexicon Regnum