Kihnsed Tal’Kihmshahid

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Rank & O.C.C.:

“Pleasure to meet you, master Al’Qudura.‘’ Responded the Grey Lady. ’’The Lady Roshada must be in good hands to have an apprentice of the venerable Tal’Kihmshahid.”

“You knew Master Kihnsed?”

“Who does not know the great Tal’Kihmshahid?” She asked rhetorically. “His exploits as an Arcanus Guardian Janissary in the Free Islands have made his name renown throughout all the Twelve Realms of Regnum. He single-handedly rescued the Vilgard ambassador’s daughter. She was only 18 years old at the time. Furthermore, no one will forget the events of Northton at the base of the Towers of the Civilian. Tal’Kihmshahid set up a wall made of golden vines with silver thorns. The wall not only protected the entrance from three demons trying to gain access into the Council of the Civilian, but it was made to twist around the depraved triad and crushed them into oblivion. For this reason the Tal’Kihmshahid Gates of the Tower of the Civilian were constructed to resemble this golden and silver-thorned wall wrapped about three demon heads. Two of the sculpted heads hold the golden ring knockers for the doors. Tal’Kihmshahid along with eleven other diabolists and rune makers engraved the massive set of doors with powerful magic that now protects any further penetration from those of the underworld.” I felt sheepish that I was not aware of this part of my master’s life; yet, honored that he was my master.

Excerpt from Broken Apart

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