Kal’Hagiid ~ The Prison Fortress ~

Kal’Hagiid (pronounced: KAHL ha ji EED or KAHL ha JEED) is a strongly fortified island prison several miles off the coast of Galilee occupied jointly by the Berkaic Sultanate and the Kingdom of Vorlantis. It is run by a legion of the most ruthless Zaranceti in all of Regnum. It is known for showing no mercy. It is also well know that it not only houses some of the most vile of criminals, but is a place where political prisoners go to be ‘silenced’.

The prison fortress sits on the small island of Hagiid. The entire island is heavily fortified. Its high ramparts with ballista platforms and turrets surmount the cliffs that rise steeply from the surrounding ocean. Apart from the fortress, the island is uninhabited. The island measures a mere 1/100th of a square mile. It is about 4 miles (6.4 km) off the Galilean coast. The prison, an abandoned castle, is a square structure hewn from solid stone. The fortification stands three-story with a breadth of about 35 yards long on each side. Three towers high flank three of the four corners with large arbalist embrasures. The southern most tower is the tallest of the three and is called the Ereshian Tower. It draws its name from the Avestan word for ‘justice’.

The bulk of the prison is underground bore straight down into the solid rock. Many of the cells are barred by deep caverns of water. Flood gates can be opened to release water into all the cells, in the case of a prison break.

Kal’Hagiid Prison pic courteous of Marisa D.L.


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