Hall of the Sea

Ith-Vurd is every truth and contradiction that is the sea. Just seeing the created island where their shouldn’t be one is proof of that. The dwarf mariners of the inner sea will tell you this is the city of dysfunctional brotherhood. Dwarf historians keep trying to squash the tales because it is their one spot of pride on this world – both grand and dark. Never say a dwarf can’t do something because when you loose it may take them and your city with you!

The old tale goes that 5,000 years ago a Dwarf was told you they could be the greatest builders ever, because if they were then they could build land where none existed! This infuriated the Dwarves that heard this boast and they wagered that if they could make an island and full city then the southern islands would belong to Korin Ithrik! They agreed and Berkay said if they could do this within 50 years they would back their claim to the islands shutting out Sussurian expansion interests. Refusing to loose land in a wager the WHOLE of mystical guilds paused construction of the current Skyfast and 30 years later they raised a VOLCANO out of the inner sea and set it off deliberately!! While the damage was complete to the southern islands of the inner sea their soil became enriched in a number of ways because of the volcanic ash. The Fire Warlocks were able to communicate with the Lava Elementals and divert future flows to new pathways in the earth below.

The now empty volcano was hallowed out and construction began in earnest, 18 years later and 2 years before the aforementioned deadline Ith-Vurd – The Hall of the Sea stood complete and many of the mages involved in the construction had already begun living there. While the change in the climate of the inner sea was extreme it has made for some of the most beautiful scenery in all of Regnum!

So much about the world was learned through this challenge that there is a naval academy, and marine biology schools here. Primary naval command for both the water and skyships can be found here. The amount of non-magical institutions rivals what is available along the whole eastern coast of the southern continent. Many of the finest metal smiths hope to learn how the Zaranceti make their special metal under water. So far all attempts have proven unsuccessful, even though their is a trio of the humanoid fish folk that make their home here and sell the magnificent chain mail to the sailors who can afford it.

This has become the second greatest gathering of the Guildmasters outside of the Silver King’s Hall! In the event of hurricanes or other magical disaster from above their is a dome that can be called forth to cover the vertical Hall of 4 million people!

An additional feature is that this location also trains the demon hunting monk-like warriors known as the Martial Sai! There is a single school located here that teaches the following style of Life is a Weapon.
There is are two more schools located in the Ith Azur – Hall of Faith.

Racial Breakdown:
Dwarf – 90%,
Arudanni – 1%,
Human 6%,
Other – 3%
Country: Korin Ithrik

Picture of landscapes from Project Indigo by Jesse van Dijk.

Dwarves of
Korin Ithrik