Hall of Faith

Ith-Azur is said to be the calmest cataclysm waiting to erupt! Dwarves, Arudanni, Berkay natives and even Shirn find peace here in this Dwarf Hall. Yet with that peace comes a fervent devotion to discipline, faith, and belief in oneself among the clergy, faithful and martial adherents that make up the majority of its inhabitants. If you arrive and go to the Shrine of a Thousand Gods where their is no aligned faith but what you bring you can find a death worshiper next to a holy warrior. Faith is personal and in this one spot no one will judge or persecute your choice in whom you pray to. Many find if they wish to pray to an ancestor doing so here may help their prayer reach the departed.

Seeking new gods for his people Ithgrum had twin sons he set to task of finding the right match. The first son a Rune-Maker by trade sought help from his Arudanni allies about the faiths of this world. They introduced him to Tvashtri, the Artificer from the Paths of the Avadanti. It was a decade later that the second son had returned from Empire of Daedala in the East bearing the favor of Sharevar, the Stone Lord. Thus the gods of east and west came together in the land of silver. The Hall of Ith-Azur was made as a place to train clergy of both faiths and there is shrines for Garuda, Avadan and Ahura Mazda. There is even one non-denomination temple shrine known as the “Shrine of a Thousand Gods.” Within its walls are a 1,000 alcoves so visitors may come and place their idol and pray to whom they wish. Taking there idol with them when they leave.

An additional feature is that this location also trains the demon hunting monk-like warriors known as the Martial Sai! There are two schools located here that teach the following styles:

There always appears to be a lack of docks for a hall/city boasting over 3 million people. However, this is due primarily to the Great Undersea Tunnel which is how trade is conducted with Mount Skyfast, other Dwarf Halls and Berkay! To this day it also hosts exchange students from the trading outposts along the tunnel route to make sure those that live in darkness never forget the light.

Racial Breakdown:
Dwarf – 86%,
Arudanni – 4%,
Human 6%,
Other – 4%
Country: Korin Ithrik

Picture of landscape from Alpha Coders,
Picture of Dwarf Martial Sai are from Disciples III.

Dwarves of
Korin Ithrik