Harudannen is a former priest of Garuda that was instructed by the high god of the Arudanni to learn magic and serve their leader at the Aerie of Mount Skyfast.

He was eventually rewarded with tutelage among the Dwarf wizards and is among the few whom know of the spells regarding gravity and how the ritual works for raising a Skyfast. He bears a runic ring made of the bone of the Dragon that hunted their leader thousands of years ago. It is among the trappings of his office as Ambassador for the Realms of the Skyfasts and his appointment is new just after he helped in the final set of rituals that launched Vilfast roughly 15 years ago. Many who meet him remark on how gruff and over polite can be mixed together as a personality only point to his time among the Dwarves and smile.

Birdman from Silverfox,
Shield heraldry by HOTROD!

Guardians of the Accord