The Färshee

Psychic Daedal Death Squad

Farshee01.jpgAlso known as Daemondulfs, Demon Wolves, Wailing Wärgs, Head-Howlers, or Mind-Bleeders, the Färshee (pronounced fair SHEE, or also fear SHEE, depending on the Avestan dialect, though the former is MOST correct) is a secret band of psychically gifted Daedal trained under an occult order within the Academy of Inner Spirit. Though they have never been used prior to the culling and massacre of the Dwarven residents of Daedala, their order has been around for the past century. The massacre was perfectly orchestrated, with little to no flaws in the order. What makes their tactics so threatening is that they work like a hive mind. Spectators that witnessed the killings reported that the Farshee members became strong when they were closer together.

Their many names originate from their tell-tale howl that permeates into ALL the minds of those within the vicinity of their warpath. F_rshee.pngMany witnesses are still plagued by these howls within their mind, some driven to madness because it would not stop! Regardless of position every member of the Färshee will have the following skull with psychic eye symbol somewhere on their person. Clothing, Armor, weapon, etc. Many tales among the Academy of Inner Spirit believe the members live in psychic packs or gestalts and operate as a single hive mind, which then merges with others when they form larger packs. It has been noted that some psi-packs don’t agree with each other and they will seek other partners rather than have the lack of coordination that comes from disharmony in such a union.

Färshee units are squad based, similar to earth military squads. Each squad is led by a Mind Mage of level 8-10. There are two teams with a Team Leader/Mind Mage of level 6-7. There are 4-5 members in each team. Each squad has a Psi-Healer that is level 5-7. Thus a squad consists of 12-14 members. Each Team has one Psi-Mystic and Psi-Sensitive of at least level 4. The rest of the members are Mind Mages ranging from level 1-5. The squad is what is sent out for missions. Very rarely are units larger than squad size sent out on missions, but if they are they will have a Mind Mage of at least level 15 in charge of the unit. It is rumored that the Grand Färshee is a level 20 Mind Mage.

Because they are relatively new to Regnum’s political arena, the numbers within the Farshee membership is unknown. Due to their impressive collective mental fortitude, those secrets may very well remain secret. The Daedala goverment states that the Farshee was disbanded immediately after the 10,000 dwarves were killed. But most speculate this is not true.

Dark Wolf picture by Ginasa on deviantart.com.
Skull Psi-Wolf logo is a combination of artwork from the following 2 sources: Cosmic Connection and 5 & Diamond and was combined and modified by “LURCH6571”