Dwarf vs Yin-Lord

Dwarf vs Yin-Lord


Tarak’Rabeth is a tall, golden Yin-Lord, and is a Third-Ring Consort in ‘the Guild.’ She’s in the long-term employ of Dr. Chen Zwatltal, who is the chief physician to the Ambassador of Fikir Tayfa, the young Bumi.

Tarak accompanied the Ambassadorial entourage aboard the Chaaya’s Quest making way from the Guardian Capitol of Baalgor to the Sai homeland of Quin-long. When she had returned to her motherland, she asked the good Dr. if she could have leave to go about some personal matters.

In reality, she had noticed there was a young female dwarf that had been following them the whole time.

The dwarf, Vira, is a red-haired, fair skinned beauty, that will snap your neck as soon as look at you, if you offend her or her family – Which is easily offended, as ‘it is complicated, so shut up!’ She is very svelte for a youth, and is very capable at what she does, and that is secret.

Tarak tailed (haha) Vira all day, who spent her day talking to merchants, browsing sales booths, eating at food carts, watching street performers, and even visiting a Home for the Elderly. Vira sped up, while at the north western section of the skydocks, and Tarak almost lost her, if not for the fiery locks of hair she glimpsed, flitting into an alleyway. She rounded the corner, and hurried about halfway down it before she noticed it was a dead-end. She stopped, looked around her, and turned to go. That’s when the Red-haired dwarf landed near the entrance of the alley way.

And THAT is where I saw them, looking from my window above the alley way. Luckily they didn’t notice me, of course, but how could they?! Oh, and I find that Battle is far better described in a blow-by-blow announcing, rather than a storyteller’s refrain. There’s just way too much to describe, that I would have to be sitting in the same spot, describing the same minute of fighting, well into the next day. So here we go!

Melee Round 1

First, Tarak’Rabeth turns into a Giant Lizard with six feet.

Then, Vira plants her right foot, in preparation for attack, and her skin darkens, starting at the foot, going to the top of her head. Tan-looking.

Tarak’Rabeth lunges at Vira and sinks her Hexalisk teeth into Vira.

The bite inflicts 6 damage, and makes Vira blind, which she recovers from blind.

Vira strikes out at Tarak’Rabeth, dealing 33 damage.

Tarak’Rabeth strikes again, and Vira opts to simultaneously attack.

Tarak’Rabeth doesn’t get through Vira’s toughened skin, and Vira throws Tarak’Rabeth into the skydock bazaar!

Taking 3 points of damage form the shards of the booth she was thrown into.

Tarak’Rabeth lunges again and tries to rip into Vira, who counters again, using the Hexalisk’s momentum to deal damage. Vira does likewise and both miss each other, destroying part of the wall of a building in the bazaar!

Tarak’Rabeth breathes fire toward Vira, who jumps prone, and the fire goes into the building whose wall was recently knocked down.

Vira jumps back up, and is ready for action.

Melee Round 2

Tarak’Rabeth returns to her normal form, Vira Lunges at Tarak’Rabeth, who tries to defend. The strike connects as the Yin-Lord’s tail wraps around Vira. Tarak’Rabeth heals herself. (And was regenerating on round 5 naturally through Hexalisk.

Vira tries to break out of the bind, and succeeds.

Tarak’Rabeth transforms back into the Hexalisk as Vira goes for a knockout strike.

Vira succeeds. Tarak’Rabeth is knocked prone, buts heals some damage pulling her out of stupor.

Melee Round 3

Tarak’Rabeth recovers as Vira tries to escape into the connecting streets.

Tarak races after Vira and slams into her, sinking her teeth into the dwarf.

Yet again, the hex does not take! While this dwarf seems impervious to Tarak’Rabeth she does get past the augmented skin and gets into real flesh for 12 points of actual damage.

Vira takes Tarak’s momentum and flings her toward the northern edge of the sky dock.

Tarak’Rabeth is heavy, so doesn’t go far, but still is thrown, however, isn’t knocked prone.

Tarak’Rabeth breathes fire at Vira, missing and catches a booth on fire.

Vira punches Tarak again for another 35 damage.

Tarak’Rabeth lunges again and bites into Vira.

Misses, Vira uses Tarak’s inertia and throws her off the sky dock.

Melee Round 4

Tarak’Rabeth reverts to Yin-Lord form, and grabs the ledge before she fell.

Vira takes the opportunity to run away.

Tarak’Rabeth pulls herself up off of the dock, and takes up pursuit. She weaves in and out of the crowd, made up of people running in fear, and people rushing toward the burning booths and the destruction, to help the victims and innocent bystanders. The Yin-Lord turns into an Ibex and runs off in search of her prey.

After several minutes, she finds her hiding in the shadows, watching the Celestial Class ship, Chaaya’s Quest.

“I should have known I’d find you skulking in the shadows like a street urchin. What do you want from the Ambassador and his entourage?” Tarak whispers into Vira’s ear. The Dwarf whips around and instinctively readies a knockout punch, but the Yin-Lord had learned her lesson, and had wrapped herself snugly around her like a swaddling blanket.

“Not that I should tell you, of all people. Whore.” Vira spits as her fair cheeks turn crimson, though from embarrassment, anger, or strangulation, it’s hard to tell.

“Now that was uncalled for! Maybe I should just turn you in to her guards?” Tarak’Rabeth’s learned tongue slides the words around her prey’s head. “Or maybe that is what you are planning. Perhaps I should just ‘wolf’ you down right here.”

“NO! Not necessary! NOT NECESSARY!” The dwarf’s urgent whispers almost alert a travelling ‘couple’ passing by in the street, but the man was too busy ogling what he paid for. She frantically pushes and tugs at the iron-hard coils of snake pinning her down.

“Sssettle down, little one,” the Yin-Lord purrs, playing off of the stereotype for Vira’s benefit. “I was just joking. But I do need to know what interes’ss’t you have in the Ambassador. My master has pledged his loyalty, and thereby mine as well.”

“I mean no harm to them! I am merely watching my m…. I am watching over ‘Leena,’ and making sure she doesn’t come to any harm. My father asked me to do this.” The color leaves her cheeks, as she starts to tell the Yin-Lord the truth.

“Luckily for you, my training in the “Whore’s” Guild has given me the skill to detect deception. I think we are on the same side, though I doubt either of us would find a minute’s rest while here in Quin-Long. You caused quite a lot of damage by throwing me around back at the docks… not to mention almost killing me with a flying leap off of them…"

“ME? What about your #!$@ Flaming Breath of Doom and Destruction? You set a building on fire… and a booth of the Dragonwright! I think that billowing cloud of smoke was you, over there.” Despite herself, Vira giggles as she says that last.

“Irregardless… I mean Regardless..” Tarak’s face flushes, as her speech patterns return to her pre-guild-induction patterns. “The Authorities will try to track us both down and we’ll both probably be arrested. I think we should part ways here, and meet in Firam a week from now, and from there we can book passage to Ith-Mahal, where the Ambassador is slated to go next. Until then, Dwarfling.” And as a final gesture, Tarak flings Vira down the alleyway, and disappears down another.

And that is how it played out, but that’s merely the beginning of this story arc.

’Till next we meet,
Sincerely yours,
Master Bard, Sir Thaddeus Quincey (On a hiatus from the Nightlands.)

Yin-Lord female from Art Garden.
Dwarf female from Conceptopolis, LLC.
Yin Drakkos cityscape by Pictishscout.

Dwarf vs Yin-Lord

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