Black Sword

The Black Sword

Description: Currently not much is known regarding the leader of the band that stormed the Skypship: Windchaser. Currently he is known by his black blade which has displayed powers not seen since the first dark Living Rune Weapons appeared in the fall of the Galvan Necropolis some twenty years ago. It would appear like some of the demons not all of them have been accounted for. It would be noted that ‘Black Sword’ was a giant and maybe even 8 feet in height though it has not been determined.

Rank & O.C.C.: Level – 15th Level Greater Living Rune-Weapon: Soul Drinker & Invoked
Race: Living Rune Sword , was a “horned” Equitregus
Land of Origin: Unknown.
Citizenship: Unknown.


Over the eons even the caretakers have mostly forgotten their true charge and only the King of Fikir Tayfa and his closest courtiers have ventured down into the Crystal Caverns deep enough to see one of the Equitregus encased in crystal, sleeping, dreaming no one is sure. Some have a single horn and others don’t. Their has been attempts to crack one open to see but they resist forms of damage. 8,000 years ago their is a record of one cracking but no one has seen it. Many fear and yearn for the awakening because their purpose is not determined, their fate is their own to decide. Those that are aware of the counting of the crystal tombs say there are over a million below the oasis. What if they loose their homes? What if they are the opposites of the Minotaur the Founder Races speak of? That should mean they are good, right?

Not this one, he was stolen by Gazhur Drodd himself and raised, converted to thinking that the Fikir Tayfans mean to destroy his people. His horn was ripped and used in the creation of the weapon that houses his soul, merged with a demon-lord Drodd subjugated to get his runic items. Being made into a “GREATER” Living Rune Weapon with Vampire Soul Drinking and Invoked powers at his disposal to bring the country low and free his people to follow their Dwarven savior. The hybrid soul inside fights the evil and feels his darkness is the only tool he has to accomplish their salvation. He has been fed information that the country is powering their magic on the souls of the his people so he has been made into a soul drinker to combat fire with fire. Should he ever be convinced that he was lied to!?!? All hell would break loose!

Dark Angel picture from INC Gamers.

Black Sword