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Diary – I know it has been a long time since I have written, but I have been walking for so long that I didn’t have much to write.

The 25th of Vahishta

Where to start?
It all seemed like a good idea…Vira and I had a plan, we thought it was a good one…
We decided that since we graduated it was time to go out and search for those we had lost. How she ever got her Changeling uncle, Elijah to convincingly masquerade as her mother, Vora, I will never know. Vira had been missing her mother – so many pieces of news, but no smiles and hugs from the person she wanted to see most. I just knew it was time to find out what had happened since that fateful night when I left my family so long ago. The path that life takes is twisted and hard to follow at times.

The long trip through the great undersea highway. Miles and miles, day upon day of rocks, rocks and minerals lights. The humidity at times makes it hard to breathe, but the journey needs to continue. The rest areas are all starved for knowledge, and I can understand. I can’t believe that I had spotted not one, but THREE different Arudanni. I know they can fly through the highway, but I know they much prefer the light of day to the crystals.

The journey finally at the end, although I love the feel of the stone walls around me, and the safety of Dwarven tunnels, it was time for this journey to end. Vira had been through here, the rest areas kept thinking I was her, but those that truly were watching knew the difference.

What I didn’t expect to find upon coming up to the surface was the extra security at the gate. I felt the eyes upon me like “I” was a dirty street urchin once again. When listening to the whispers it would see that the security was warranted as the Thane was attacked at his Birthday Celebration the day before. Part of the whispers included that there were a odd group of outsiders that saved the Thane. It was rumored that one of these outsiders was a ‘secret member of the Barrens’.

I really wanted to just sneak a peek of the outsiders, but with the additional news that Leena is in town – I will have to do my best to find her…but hopefully Vira will get there first. I don’t want to be the one to have to explain the plan to her mother.

Well off to get a look at the outsiders…until later

Oh Diary It is still the 25th of Vahishta…

I have to enter this quick update before it is cold in my mind. I had just started to head out to find the strangers when this little raccoon ran out in front of me. I thought it odd, knowing a little about them from my studies, but this one looked right at me, almost like he recognized me, but was on such a mission that he didn’t take the time to fully think it through. Then the most amazing thing happened…he SPOKE, yes…actually spoke, not to me directly at first, but was mumbling something about wanting to find a special new wardrobe.

Without thinking I answered the little fellow, and again to my surprise he turned, and started talking directly to me this time. He told me his sad tale of having his pack stolen by a mean person that wouldn’t give it back. I agreed to help him. Rascal he introduced himself as, I think of him more of a Rascally, Rascal myself…simple Rascal just didn’t seem to fit. We headed out to play a game where if we win that we could get glowing rings and maps. The game was “catch Rascal” and was to be played against a group he has played with before, some “little dwarves”. I figured the outsiders could wait a while, Rascal hopped up on my shoulder and off we went.

It all happened in a blur, the little dwarves didn’t seem happy to see Rascal “again” and immediately set out to catch him, they of course didn’t, and it was fun to get my hammers out and stretch out my travel weary muscles. They were quickly knocked out, and Rascal and I found some important papers indicating that Torvus Ithgrum (yes, the Crown Prince of Korin Ithrik) was being held against his will by the forces of Drodd. Ugh that fanatic religious group is upping the ante for dwarven supremacists and really giving our nation a horrible name.

Oh all things Rascal asked if I liked fish…which I have never truly had a fondness of. I understood better once he asked the bartender for payment after causing a horrible fight and when he showed off his collar the city “wardens” had arrived. The bartender waved them off saying, “Thanic business” and they bowed and LEFT! He was given a rather large, even smellier fish – which the little guy proceeded to wrap up like a piece of fine china in the papers. Rascal must have taken a slight injury to his head as he started to have a conversation with a voice I couldn’t see or hear. Rascal assured me he was fine and we had to leave immediately to catch up with some of his friends. So off we left. Oh, I need to finish up here as the guards at the Thane’s Hall are finally going to let us in to see Rascal’s friend…here is to hoping it all goes well…

Yes Diary, it is still the 25th of Vahishta…and what a day it has been.

Again I need to take this moment to get the details of the day down on paper before I forget any of the day so far.

So once in the Hall of the Thane who do you think I ran into? Yes Diary – you always guess correctly. Vora – although she looked different that I am used to – I guess this is truly the first time I have seen her as anything other than Vira’s mom. I was beginning to fear all the stories Vira told about her mom might actually be true! Of course she didn’t know about the PLAN, and I got to be the one to explain it to her…where is Vira when you truly need her!

Things happened as rather fast and slow intervals since then, the harassment about not being still at school, losing the trail of Vira, and the shortfalls of our plan. It was enough to think about turning around and heading back to school. Then this Ambassador wanted to know more about the papers Rascal and I found (although most were covered in horrible fish juices).

Since they didn’t have any place else for me to go, I was able to tag along as they went to collect their skyship. I had never been through the building docks, and to ride through on the platform was so impressive. The armies of heavily armored Dwarves, the circle of Dwarven mages, and the skyship itself…it was all only too much to believe.

The trip was explained that it was some sort of magic movement along a ley-line. All I know is that one moment we were underground surrounded by chanting Dwarves and the next the skyship was coming to a slow stop above the Bezroku cliffs over 1,800 miles away!

So much information was being passed back and forth, the searching for the Prince, the collection of knowledge. It was all so confusing at times. I did recognize the description of one of the Prince’s captures, a Dwarf known as Dramdon Fosh Remo – from the Du-Drzd family. As I was recalling the stories of the Du-Drzd family it appeared in my mind that Dramdon Fosh Remo is actually an anagram for “Hammer Son of Drodd” which I of course shared with Rascal.

Being the youngest and shortest in the group doesn’t help matters when you are truly trying to help. But I did my best and even offered my amazing dwarven sculpting skills – although I have yet to be taken up on the offer. Only time will tell.

Well it is early and I am hearing my stomach growl for some food. Hopefully the rest of the day will be either more or less exciting. I will keep you up on the news as I can, but until then my dear Diary, stay safe and no more jumping into pools of water.

Oh breakfast looks sooo yummy…

Lower Gate of Ith-Angdral Picture taken from Gorrem on DeviantART.
Lower Ith-Angdral Picture taken from Snowskadi on DeviantART.


Excellent use of a classic literary device, the Diary.

We Had a PLAN...

I agree! What I liked the most was the very clear personality in the log. There is no problem distinguishing the character from others.

This is very well done indeed!

We Had a PLAN...

Welcome Graegga- you may be short, but you are full of personality!

We Had a PLAN...

Love this log. It was a very fun read, and personality shines through the entire thing.

We Had a PLAN...

Tadje is very welcoming to learn another urchin is aboard.

We Had a PLAN...

How did we miss the Du-Drzd family connection???!!!

We Had a PLAN...
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