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GM Note: This is an NPC log going forward. A copy of the note was sent via magic pigeon to Margrave Zalefore, of the Zierenberg Prefecture in the Galvan Republic.

Journal Log 10.4

Uncle I am sending this copy of my log to you via a tazu scroll, prepare our people to stand against the darkness or we will perish with the Republic!


The Details
According to Captain Nah Renol’s water clock it was almost half an hourglass after the ninth bell of the day. Enchanted Pigeons whipped back and forth between the captain and the skydock’s dockmaster. In fact I am not sure that the breeze was caused by the actual wind or the pigeons going in and out of Galfast. Here I was, finally at the one city rumored to go through more commerce per day than Zierenberg on Galvan’s eastern coast.

This city in the clouds has the dubious distinction of being the first of the Skyfasts launched just before the Arudanni of the then Realm of Skyfast, and the Dwarves of Korin-Ithrik signed the Accord. Hard to believe for nine thousand years has this city soared the skies of this world. It was said some people here will be born live and die having never seeing the ground! If you live here you are well off, for even the homeless get tipped in golden marques!

When a Yin-Lord passed my vision I could scarcely believe my eyes! On this day the docks were TEEMING with thrice the traffic of my birth city’s ports. Of course the flying Arudanni were everywhere and would often take to the air before a location got crowded if possible. Galvans, other Humans, Elves, Dwarves, Daedals, etc. were present and moving like any port city would be, just more! 2,000 sky ships of varying makes with their predominantly Elf captains.

Soon howls of people off loading other cargo from our transport woke the others and I from my shock and we began moving through the docks and the warehouses along their edge. I never could believe it but over a million people lived on a mountain in the sky! Yet the the traffic commerce coming through here was astronomical! I saw Leena smiled briefly as we passed 10 warehouses belonging to the Three Brothers Trading Company. Galfast even has a shipyard for creating other flying ships! I was not aware their were any facilities outside the Kingdom of Greenwater, they fitting on the underside mast in drydock as we made our way past. A gruff dwarf had passed us by at one point wearing the enchanted gloves that would appear to make him stronger, or so I thought until I saw their activation when lifting a boulder on to a ship! The wonders of the world and new things I see never cease to amaze me.

Just as we begin leaving the docks a pigeon arrives to our Janissary companion. It detailed our meeting was in two days at the Toulver Bistro so I mentioned we should check in and case the place and then meet up with a friend of the family that had moved up here some years ago.

Then Leena floored everyone saying she would check it out but we needed to visit an Alchemist that handles security issues. Magnus nodded seeming to have an idea and for the first time Savina seemed worried. Leena directed us to get off the street and directed us into the first bakery that had a coffee shop attached. She said mentioned that while she never had a chance to mention it she was great at fact finding. Then her eyes and hair changed color!

She’s a Changeling, oh I should have figured it out. She wanted to head back to the Three Brothers warehouses to turn in a few notes and pick up a garment she hopes they have in stock. While we were not excited Leena said it would be quick and we need to stop reacting and get proactive. She grabbed Savina’s hand and told her she will do everything in her power to make sure they don’t get her. Savina touched her runestaff to a broach she wore and it vanished into the broach. I seen some items like those and I think you own one as well. Magnus leaves briefly and returns with a tourist map of the city, followed shortly by Leena in brown robes with golden brocade.

Leena then mentioned she would go to Toulver’s Bistro and make contact. Magnus mentioned he might try making contact with a single Janissary he knows and his team that might still be stationed here. I mentioned that we don’t know who works for this organization be careful with the details when people talk with anyone. Well, that set the tone and I mentioned that we needed to have the remainder of this discussion of the street. It was about to become a moment of truth for me and Magnus, he seemed un-phased by changelings and kept glancing at Savina as though he was worried about an indestructible magic artifact of amazing power! Then I saw the finger brush on the hand as we were walking out of the coffee shop. He had feelings for Savina, and they had likely been returned.

“Fangs!! grr.”

Well this changes the dynamic of his thinking, I can see Hero mode kicking into his stance and tone as we arrive at what would technically be my step-brother, removed (ugh, you know Tobias uncle – him), umm his bookstore. I made the introductions and he showed us upstairs and said he would be up when the day was over after the book signing which was starting in two turns of the hourglass. I thought it was someone meaningless, but it was Levi VonDrakenflue Rhinefelden, the biggest pro-abolitionist of our times in Galvan!

Lord Levi was for the abolition of marriage laws from within the system. No one had anything on him as a lawbreaker, and he said he will follow the law until he can change it. With his family owning forty percent of the land surrounding Rhinefelden, and ten percent of the land in the city. He had more than a few prefectures in his pocket. His betrothed is Lady Ylunne VonHakar Avestien another pro-abolitionist of the marriage system. It seems some of our earlier escapees Uncle you were less than forthcoming about. I know that both the Lord & Lady had relatives escape via Leena now. They are likely hiding in Berkay of some other locale. With all this commotion this was the perfect time to sneak out and find out about the Bistro. I offered to go with Leena, but Magnus said he merely needed some time and a change of clothing.

Soon he had a make up kit out, braided his hair like some Vilgard sailor and applied a tonic to it that did lighten the color somewhat. I cannot deny his skill at this was impressive and from his bag he pulled scarfs, leather breeches, a cord to hang his rings from and eye patch he said hid a single pill that had a powerful healing charm upon it. One time use but you never know. Hid enough of his chainmail between layers of clothing it would not mark him a a known warrior of any group. Hell he looked like half of the people I saw on the skydocks!

Leena had changed into respectable looking Galvan male and told Magnus in a very different voice that Marcellus was the name and he was to be “his” bodyguard.


Off they went while Savina and I watched the book signing below. Later Savina and I would talk about how an idea is the most powerful weapon in the whole world. Uncle you may already have heard pigeon of these idiots! Lord Levi was signing his books when a drunk barged through the line and began berating Lord Levi for degrading Galvan values and sullying the race.

Oh yes a righteous drunkard!

His Lordship is calm, collected and offers to buy the man dinner and discuss his view points after he is done signing his book that people have waited for. That line stretched outside the shop for a whole block! Over half of those in line were Galvans desperately trying to dress as Vilgard’s, Greenwaters, Berkay, and two sporting fashion from sea city of Zarzuul! Just then my skin/scales began to crawl as I noticed the two with the undersea fashion pulling out scrolls. Looking to Savina I told her, “It’s about to get ugly and very political, be careful about intervening because this may not be an international level incident.”

She nodded as I stepped back and kept and eye on the suspicious duo. Then a few seconds later all HELL BROKE LOOSE! The two fashionistas of sea turned into WERESERPENTS and rushed the book store! Outside the street cleared with people running screaming about wereserpents! The two malefactors made their way through the door and a window slamming into people and while one was making a bee line for Lord Levi the other began slaughtering the patrons. I was about to say something when Savina ran past me and lept over the balcony from above to slam into the crowd attacker pulling her"self/staff" from the broach!

“Ladies first,” and over the railing I went after using a metamorphosis spell to hide my identity. The first of Lord Levi’s three guardsmen attacked the wereserpent and had his hand ripped off! Words cannot describe the panic that followed as everyone fled through the doors and windows! Then the drunkard turned into a Wereserpent as well screaming about how was our people suppose to hide if they are murders running about

“Fangs!! grr.”

Now the two scroll-made wereserpents seemed surprised by our involvement, the actually Wereserpent, and the book owner throwing himself in front of Lord Levi blocking a tail strike from the drunkard. Savina began firing “Orbs of Frost” at the attackers and the drunk Wereserpent in an attempt to subdue them. Bells began going off outside to call the watchmen! The battle was so quick, Savina got her staff knocked from her hands into the shopkeeper’s and she began fist fighting the scroll-made wereserpent. I was loosing this fight and changed forms since I didn’t look the same as one might recognize me. The drunk Wereserpent ran from Savina and when he hit the streets FIRE rained down from above and he gone by the time we subdued those inside. I knocked over Lord Levi and his two guards running out the back and changing forms and shapes once more in the frightened crowds. In the alley I stole set of breeches and shirt from a bum until I could acquire a better target and relieve them of coin to pay for something basic but clean.

When I made it back I checked in and the shopkeeper was still holding the staff and not burned! Trust me their is more to this story, and Savina called me over introducing me as her Blood Inspector friend. I made up some story about not being able to leave her alone at a book signing, and one of the Arudanni watchmen stifled a laugh. When I requested to see the bodies I was granted permission and I pointed out to the watchmen the scroll cases and burnt ash on their fingers. Since the Wereserpent in the street had been burned alived with magic their was not enough left to blow our races’s cover. Savina seemed strangely aware of her surroundings and did not get in the way she even helped point out the folio pad in one of the bags had real wards on it. She had also in my absence performed healing on those that had lived and were hurt. Lord Levi was most astounded and grateful to her. She did not hide her true nature to him and he was indebted and made sure the watchmen knew she had no hand in the political attack on his person and should a hero for rescuing him. Soon word had spread of “Savina the savior” throughout the streets. The watchmen found other items detailing these men to be from the VonGodin family. Staunch traditionalists of the very old Avestan, now Galvan, traditions and among the scholars suggesting that Galvan Wormfang was a werebeast himself!

To shore this story up, by Asha I am long winded, Leena and Magnus returned and when she assumed her form Lord Levi saw her and she him and they hugged! She assured him that “they” were safe in far off Berkay, but the less they were seen in public together the better. He nodded and then thanked all of us know that if we knew Leena he didn’t care who we were, just call upon him if needs be and aid will be made! His entourage and he left and Tobias explained that he had been researching moral customs from the world over and practicing an aesthetic way of life. Apparently he is a Wereserpent and good according to the rune magic! The funny part is that Savina had not asked for her"self/staff" back in all this time. I had to explain to my friends that night what Leena already knew. Ser Magnus took it hardest when he admitted to hearing rumors about Wereserpents. He and I talked into the night about my life uncle and he said if he can he will aid us leaving and finding a home. If he is asked directly by his Guardian superiors about what he knows he won’t lie. I would be more worried but keep reading this gets worse.

The next two days we move in pairs and get supplies blowing through all the cash Lord Levi had delivered in the morning. We had rings of teleportation with a few uses, tandem charms so all the wearers may sense one another with a three week enchantment duration. The street merchants helped repair Tobias’s shop as well since “Savina the savior” was there and willing to heal people. Savina didn’t mind since the city was hovering a half mile above ley line that ran north to the “Demon’s Vale” in the distant north of the Republic. Ser Magnus began to coordinate with the few soldiers and Janissaries he had touch Savina’s staff a plan to tackle the necromancers when they grabbed Savina. It would bear noting that Savina those last two nights shared the available room with Ser Magnus. When I tried to talk with Leena she held up both hands and said she was married so forget about it.

Women, Changelings, Fangs, grr..

On the night 3rd of Crimson we were set and ready to meet at Toulver’s and begin having dinner. Around the building on the outside there was 10 Janissaries and 20 Guardian Soldiers in disguise as a myriad of patrons having a night out on the town in groups of three or six. The guards were from the Guardian Barracks on Galfast and were normally used to bolster local defenses. They were happy to come to our call when they heard of a chance to stop a necromancer. In hind sight this was our biggest mistake. Without fail the associate arrives and it is an old Dwarf 3’ 10" inches tall, using a stone staff capped in a diamond skull with a floating ward/rune within issuing forth a soft red glow. He introduced himself as the Sculptori in the third person, and put out his hand. Savina looked petrified and began walking forward from the table. When touched it he said it is good to see you again. He vanished in a flash of light and in his wake a parchment fell to the ground with a key.

"…. Well done, your friends are on the third floor of the Inn across the street in room 3D

Malum Sculptori …."

Without fail the room revealed Zarena missing two fingers from her left hand and Cara the elf maidservant. As the soldiers that could cast magic being a part of the magi division mentioned there were several burst of magic being used now. The last two were in this building and…
…Zarena blurted out that they were a decoy that the Malum Sculptori had come to BRING DOWN GALFAST FROM THE SKY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tobias is watching them as we race to the Sky-Throne, where all of the Skyfast’s magical functions are carried out! Into the bowels of the flying mountain we go!

I am going to summarize this, about 3 percent of the Arudanni and 1 percent of the other races are starting riots in the streets, random acts of murder, sabotage to sky ships and burning anything they can get their hands on! That’s a riot over 40,000 strong at the minimum!!!! In the grand halls underground carved by Dwarven Stone Masters, Wizards of the schools of Gravity Magic, and Rune-Makers did we come across a prolonged battle to reach the Sky Throne!

We were out numbered 20 to 1 and I am still writing this so someone knows the score.

The blood, the death, the horror of it all…

There were only 3 Janissaries and 4 soldiers left as local watch was up to their necks in a catastrophe not seen ever in the history of the Skyfasts! The door was bound and Leena used her astral powers to move into the spirit world and unlock the door. Once inside I saw the blood mage and I never want to see this again! Naked except for his items of power and covered in blood from fresh sacrifices they drop the knife and we charge! The ritual spell going off broke the bindings or permanence on the ancient magic that has never failed! The dwarf cuts Savina’s throat and throws her at us like a rag doll. Ser Magnus dives to catch her and shove his pill down her throat in case she is out of energy as magic pill should heal her.

The rest of us make it to the throne as the dwarf and the human blood mage pass through a portal of blood hanging in the air, dripping! Savina and Ser Magnus join as the we try to figure out how the Sky Throne operates? Its pilot laying next to it with their head removed. All of the other headless corpses were either Arudanni or Dwarves and wearing similar robes, there are no more pilots.


Pray you never hear a Skyfast creak, for your blood will chill on the spot! Savina thinks she has a plan I have to go now, blessings to you if we see each other again.

The whole of Galfast just lurched to the left.

Written on the late eve of the 3rd of Crimson
The Inspector

Picture is a floating Skyfast city & the Arudanni by Pachycrocuta.
Picture of a Yin-Lord scholar by Pictishscout
Dwarven Worker – with power gloves; sketch by Peachyco.
Marcellus human ID by Alex Boca
Dwarf Wizard found at Papers ’n Pencils



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