Campaign of the Month: February 2014


GM Note: This is an NPC log going forward. A copy of the note was sent via magic pigeon to Margrave Zalefore, of the Zierenberg Prefecture in the Galvan Republic.

Journal Log 10.2

This family is very close knit, I am getting an inside look to how two of the three owners of the Three Brothers Trading Company operate! Publicly, it is Matthias, Elijah, Leenus, however, Leenus is Leena the Gray Lady! It would appear to me that Three Brothers sounded better than Two Brothers and a Sister. Matthias is a shrewd merchant indeed uncle, very shrewd. Even though taking us was going to put a shipment behind a week, costing them all of the profit on this venture her older brother Elijah made it abundantly clear no material possession was worth more than a person. This is why their workers are so loyal to the company, they always get paid and they are cared for, really cared for.

Her familiar, Rascal kept try to sleep in the crow’s nest, of all places, miss trees or some such thing. Once we arrived in Krill I felt horrible putting these good people out for our kind. Uncle, since you’re getting a copy of this please forward a payment of 50,000 Marques (no that is not a spelling error) to the Three Brothers Trading company office. Make a note to Elijah about it being from Leena’s friend and I think we will have made the friends needed to begin getting our people out of harm’s way.

Among many of the governmental offices you pay for information and the magic prevents market tampering with price selection. 10 marques to a see a list of Kingdom Summoners that were licensed to practice their art in the Kingdom of Greenwater. Feels like home and our State Summoners just we charge a few more marques for our list. Here, once you and one of the Kingdom Summoners agree on a deal to work together the list will incinerate. This would prevent speculation of pricing on the market. By Mazda I actually remember the lessons you tried to teach me about being a merchant!

Aenor was the Kingdom Summoner we selected and his sign outside of his place would mystically switch the language of the reader. For Rascal the Raccoon, a tree appeared for those that could not read. None of the buildings in this town are the same shape! How on Regnum do you plan for growth? Aenor’s circular tower didn’t even have a door just an “arch” into a courtyard. Now once we crossed it we all saw a visible ripple of magic energy and realized breaking in was harder than things appeared.

Aenor is an elf that is beginning to show signs of age, when he came down a staircase to invite us up. I could not fathom to where. The had been the size of the entire building and the sun was shining down with no roof in sight! His floors above are enchanted to allow the view above to come through and looking down they have the appearance of glass so you can see whom is below. Amazing!

Leena worked out the details while I was surprised at everything in here, I think he lives here in an upper floor but can’t tell for certain. He has an associate he has tied a circle to in Tristine and we are paying extra for the privilege of using that so the transportation has no errors. It takes a day to set everything up so we head to an an establishment called, “Gone KrillInn.” I paid for dinner and the night’s stay given how much I owe Leena. She is helping save Zarena from a fate she does not deserve.

Uncle, there are no homeless I can see here. I am not sure why that is but no one in this city appears to be a vagrant, maybe they don’t let vagrants in cities I am not sure.

We make it to Tristine, and when the two of us leave the Kingdom Summoner’s house and a scroll drops into Leena’s hands! That sonofabitch wrote this missive in Zarena’s blood! Find out all you can about Malum Sculptori as it may help us! If we don’t find this staff soon another team the bastard sent may get here first and then they are dead!

Then I see the tree and it’s amazing! I am feeling calm even though we need to break into the Archive’s forbidden section beneath it. I have the beginnings of a plan, so I take her into and alleyway and using the Ring of Legion I change into an Elf and back to show her I can figure out a way past the guards and not raise suspicion about us or people we are associated with. Then I saw it, the other team!

At least what I thought was the other team, I shall elaborate since the other team is still out there. Clearly a Galvan male and a human woman that had a southerners look, I thought Vilgard perhaps? A plan was quickly hatched having Rascal go over and act like a lost pet, wow, Leena is beautiful and quick thinking! Uncle you know how to pick them for sure! Sure enough the Galvan male began asking if the raccoon was lost and we approached introducing ourselves and apologizing for Leena’s pet.

Just then a group of three Arudanni swooped down on onto our walkway, grabbing the staff and trying to take off with it, THIS WAS THE OTHER TEAM! The young woman with the Galvan Knight simply dropped to her knees and I thought she was praying! Then the one Arudanni holding the staff dropped the staff screaming as his hands look as though he tried to grab red hot iron from a fire!!!

I grabbed the staff and the world faded away.
I was standing alone in a place of white and there was the young girl whom I had just met calling herself Savina. She said if I did not hand her the staff what happened to the Arudanni would happen to me! I looked and yes the staff was in my hands, I walked over and handed it to her…

I was back in the real world standing next to Savina and the battle was over and the other Galvan male I came to find out was a distant cousin of Savina, Ser Magnus, a Guardian Janissary! He was covered in blood and I looked over and one of the avain Arudanni had been taken down but it looked as though he had his/her blood forced out through it’s very skin!

It is still horrifying to me! I had to let the world know I am alive and your nephew to calm the guardsmen of the city watch, the Leafcloaks. We decided during the questioning we were not each other’s enemy and Savina had grown quite fond of Leena.

Girls, go figure.

We rented a private room that Ser Magnus had paid for at a high end restaurant in the upper levels of the tree. The peanut sauce was exquisite, I never ate so well outside the homeland of our people. I don’t know why but we were sent to steal a Living Rune Weapon, the staff and Savina are one in the same! Ser Magnus has sent runners to the Guardian barracks in the city for some off duty Janissaries to watch over us tonight.

Will write more soon.

The Inspector

Staff by Runescape Wiki color edit done by AZ_RUNE.



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