Campaign of the Month: February 2014


To my sweetness Valryk,

I have left the Committee of Aerial Safety and have been retained as staff to the Ambassador of Fikir Tayfa!!! Now you are likely to hear about an attack by a villian my brother is calling Black Sword. I survived and I am unharmed but you were close to being a widower!

The Ambassador would like to know what you can dig up on any rogue runesmiths or Rune Makers! One of the dark Living Rune Swords not taken down at Badenfeld has resurfaced! There will be dark times ahead till this villain is brought down!

Please make sure dear that little Valdus is learning the right way to make runic items and why touching the dark dangerous! How is Vira? Did she hurt any more suitors with her if you can’t beat me in a fight then no date for you attitude? Please send word back soon that you have read this and I am headed to Galilee for a few days and then the plan is to research, to stop our foe.

Until I rub nose to your scruffy cheek,
Your wife,

Penned on highsun of the 6th of Vahishta, 10,002 A.T.

Leena’s: Vora dwarf ID by Misi Chan.


Confusing when Leena’s brother is mentioned, and then it comes from Vora- I pity poor Valryk, being married to a changeling makes a head spin!!

To my Husband

He is as patient as he is creative… :-)

To my Husband

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