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The Many Hats of the Concubine

All sorts of Orders

GM Note: This log is an NPC log.

Mother Mystic Superior,

My chosen master is kind. The assignment to him has been well rewarding and he, although sometimes absent minded, is charitable and humorous. I find it interesting that he has finally warmed up to the group that the Ambassador and Primarch assigned him to and that he has made friends. He treats me like an equal and I must say that it is alarming and almost discouraging as it takes my focus away from the assignment. Alas, I did say that I do enjoy this assignment and I do enjoy the company of Doctor Chen.

We recently got a chance to go to a couple of cities while on my Masters endeavor to find the Black Sword and his origin and while we were engaged in the city life of Ith-Mahal, I was privileged to be invited to breakfast with Lady Leena and her family. It was while I was thus in route that I noticed that Master was attempting to follow me. I was not sure if he recognized me because he seemed confused and easily distracted. Upon arrival I took the opportunity to converse though not allowed by my cover among the Order of Concubines. I am certain that Leena doesn’t know the rules and broke at least six rules before Master showed up. Because I had thus attempted to find some common spirit with the familiar that has been on our ship for the last week it was easy to show kindness despite his destructive nature to Masters wears. The mood changed however when Master and Tadje showed up. They had a plan to find as much information on the Black Sword as possible. When Master asked me to accompany him to the library I was more than happy but before I left, I showed the familiar kindness by throwing him a piece of fruit before parting. The familiar is kind but a bit misunderstood by the Master.

There are four libraries in the city, at the library I was stayed with the Doctor because he and Tadje parted ways, we to one library and he to another. The Doctor wanted to see if there were connections between the past and what had recently occurred and asked that I assist him with the research. I have not hinted as to my abilities but was a silent observer to his intelligence. He is quite handsome when he is discouraged and concentrating. While thus engaged we encountered the Ambassador Bumi. He was wanting to enlist the assistance of the Doctor’s ability to do rapid research and translation. As you know Mother Mystic Superior, the Doctor is a master of language both written and in tongue; it was the rational thing to do to assist the Ambassador, the Lord Drakkos would be proud of his servants quick assistance.

That night when we were coiling up for bed, Master Chen confided in me some gruff details of how the dwarves have for these many hundreds (perhaps thousands) of years have been passing on the secrets of rune magic to many inside their race. It seems that the records hint of a possible Rune Lord Order among the dwarves and that there are secrets that are only their own. Chen is troubled by this because he suspects that there is a dwarf out there that his doing his own magic alone or in a coven with the express purpose to destroy Regnem. He dares not relay that data to the Lord of Yin-Drakkos until he can verify it and prove it. He doesn’t want to appear foolish as this is his first assignment. The coven or group is supposedly extinct. They called themselves, Sculptori. I am certain that this will become his pursuit but with no leads on the group or its current whereabouts it is hard to say if the endeavor will produce fruit.

We are currently in the city of Baalgor. I am sure that the Doctor will continue his search. My trusted brothers and sisters of the order here in this city are caught up as to what is going on with our troop’s plight and will endeavor to help us without revealing our purpose or endangering the order.



How dare you treat her as an equal Chen. You know that the men are superior, and you are ruining her concentration!

The Many Hats of the Concubine

I love how you made an Escort Guild. I wander if is as strict as the Clowning Guild. I need to make sure that gets written in her back story. She is much like the Geisha of Japan.

The Many Hats of the Concubine

I think it would be like the Companion’s Guild in Firefly.

The Many Hats of the Concubine

You would be closer to the truth of it Gaitkeeper

The Many Hats of the Concubine

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