Campaign of the Month: February 2014


Lord Drakkos,

Several days ago the search and rescue team resurrected a horse. I realize that in my short time I have never seen that done. I wondered why it was not quickly replaced by a golem. Oh sure, they did some heavy clean up and saved a captain of the skyship previously part of their voyage but a horse? I am not sure where their priorities lie.

From what I have observed though compassionate they are; it seems they are a bit naive. Scary, really. I’ll explain. After we pieced together a horse, please lord forgive me for rolling my eyes, we found the crewmen who had also expired named Surazal. There was an elf dress in our country’s fashion and a yin-lord that assisted with the process of resurrecting those slain in a similar fashion, or could be resurrected, and etcetera, excreta.

While the clean up was in order and the deceased were being revived and the debris removed. The living rune weapon by the name…. uh… oh yes Anrir found some particular pieces of interest, a rune staff that he stashed away via dimensional magic. In speaking with the Yin-Lord it is mentioned that such magic as the Swordsman being a Living Rune Weapon of darkness has not been seen since the ‘incident’ twenty years ago.

The yin-lord, I think his name was Makon, orders the guardian soldiers aiding the Skyfast citywatch with the crime scene to be cleared and people reluctantly leave. I am certain that the rune weapon had something to do with the clearing. While we were thus contemplating and discussing the matter a guard informed us that we were to stay at the Lord-Protector’s manor. Such a fetching invitation though unwarranted; it wasn’t suspicious necessarily but perhaps odd. Then again we do have one of the ‘Twelve’ with us and so his reputation would precede him.

A set of Arudanni and swarthy looking Berkaic humans of the Skyfast’s Citywatch escorted us to the Lord-Protector Avenor’s home. I still didn’t know anyone in the group and had not asked for papers. Who were these fellows? What was my assignment going to change to? As you know the human element would change the outcome of what we were doing and though I had not experienced much I would say that the attack on the skyship and the Swordsman was unexpected and already had changed things.

At the library, it seemed that we were all aloof and distant. I wanted to fulfill my assignment and thought it a good idea to chat it up with one of them so I picked the Gosai; he seemed harmless enough. It appears that he is a wizard and a pupil of a very powerful but alas lost wizard, Tal’Kihmshahid. I have vaguely heard the name and thought it well to chat it up with the fellow and find out how the old wizard was really versus what I had read before in books and heard in the pigeons. Finding myself comfortable I dismissed my concubine and proceeded to make small talk.

Shortly after dinner with the Lord-Protector we met up with the former captain of the ambassador’s old ship. Whom was putting on the finishing touches on the new ship that would escort the ambassador to his new home. The captain, Vrajai Akshay, presents the White Eagle, a ship that will later be renamed and blessed with the name Chaaya’s Quest. The captain took great stock in the name change. He went as far as to tell us the ceremony; in humble quiet I just observed this region’s traditions.

Shortly after the blessing/renaming an Arudanni decided that it would be appropriate to approach the ship. In a surrendering gesture he has no weapons in his hands and his wings are wide open; he was completely vulnerable. That didn’t stop one of the guards from stunning him with petrifaction. I found it odd that one would be so bold as to come to an ambassadors ship unannounced and demanding. He wanted a dead creature’s bow. He swore that the bow was his brothers however the team didn’t say that the fellow had ever mentioned his siblings let alone one so bold or brash. He should have been arrested and thrown in the brig or even worse removed but the ambassador took compassion on him and allowed him to tell his story and even receive the desired bow. I am not sure what was so special about the bow as it was not a rune weapon, just an ordinary bow.

Now here is where I say that the team trusts too much. Without papers, the Arudanni offers his services and they readily accept. I had no say but might I say I must protest and now even now stay closer to the ambassador; the wizard, though amusing must be second priority.

I must say one more thing in my report. The ship when given a new name took a new look. Chaaya must be a person of significance though I am not sure if I have heard that name or if I have, where? The ship when renamed took a more cream color. Colors that I am sure would of have been used by a woman. Even the forward mass took on a new look and is now that of a woman who looks like the likeness of Chaaya of Fikir Tayfa, home of the Barren Lands, or so I am told.

The ambassador announces that the ship will be ready in three days and then proceeds to send of pigeons off from his window room. Shortly after that I could have sworn that I felt a dragon’s presence. I guessed that it was yours as you do represent us in Yin-Lord country though I am not sure why the ambassador would make the attempt to contact the others or why would anyone of the ambassadors would come to visit the newly appointed ambassador. I am certain that it is all government business.

At dinner we again discuss where we are going and the origin of the swordsman. Many of us have theories and I even present one that you had given to me only days before; that there was more than there was, more than one and that we would be in danger if we went after the one only to be caught unprepared if there was more than one. It was I then, who recommended that we go to Baalgor and visit the library. Several of them were in agreement and while we were thus in agreement that I thought again of the Arudanni; where was he and what was he doing while we were making our plans. What is his real goal and why isn’t anyone else questioning his motives.

When security finally gave us clearance and believe me when we were leaving the other ships were quite happy. I learned later that they were put on hold until we wanted to leave should anyone make an attempt at the ambassador’s life; interesting.

At the request of the wizard we made a detour and visited a city called Galilee where the wizard – in a vision – saw the familiar of his old master dead. Upon arrival we discovered that not only was the familiar dead but the house was being looted by riffraff that the wizard was familiar with. Restraint is not one of my strong suits and watching others take care of the situation was tough. I made some comments about the familiar and it seems that familiars think that they are people. The one on our ship didn’t like my comments and proceeded to point at his eyes and then at my face; the universal symbol of ‘I’m watching you’. I found out later that the little bastard vandalized my property in protest of my comments. It is neither here nor there.

At any rate my lord, I will continue to give you feed back as it comes. I will do my best not to bore you with unnecessary details in the future.


Penned on night of the 8th of Vahishta, 10,002 A.T.

Arudanni Picture from Pachycrocuta.
Picture of skyship by Ben Wooten! Edited by the GM.
Picture of figurehead found at Dark Roast Blend. Edited by the GM.


Awww snaps! Emerson watch out you have a fan-boy here from the tone! Well done and I added pictures and links for you.

The Maiden Voyage


The Maiden Voyage

Forget fan boy, a gentleman of awesome taste, restraint, and caution is what I see!! Well done Chen!! Good luck in your Baalgor research!

The Maiden Voyage

Fantastic! Chen is quite a formidable interlocutor.

The Maiden Voyage

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