Campaign of the Month: February 2014


GM Note: This log is an NPC log.


I have had a personal visit from Primarch Drakkos informing me that you and I would be given personal favors he will spend his final days fulfilling if we never mention the Crystal Dragon ever again. There was no threat but a sincere request. Please drop the question and if you learn don’t tell me and keep it to yourself as the jewel of knowledge you share with the Primarch of Dragonwright.

As you can see from the ‘Pigeon News’ times have begun to become dire and many feel a war may actually develop as a result of this! Find the fiend and end this threat to our world. Through use of a ‘Dimensional Rift Spell’ we have sent two companies worth of psychics to aid Ambassador, Karak Del Tork as he makes his way to Galilee to stop the army of raiders coming. We offered more but were turned down. The Sultanate of Berkay wishes to avoid taking sides between our Empires. The Realms of the Skyfasts have voted to support the Dwarves. Many fear war is coming on a large scale NEVER SEEN BEFORE! Clairvoyants are scared and the panic level is going through the proverbial roof here in Paevandul.

Don’t die young daewulf,

Headmaster Adalwolf

Arrives in the wee hours on the 13th of Hordad, 10,002 A.T. Day one of the three day trek to Galilee.


What Crystal Dragon, I don’t see any Crystal Dragon. (As he stands right in front of one).

No, no threat, just a promise from a creature that will out live you by several generations.

First time Ayden has ever been told by his Master to STFU.

A little pissed, getting a Pigeon while trying to meditate in between double watches.

Don’t die, Don’t die. A real broken record. I get it, why am I so special.

Some Crystals Shall Remain Hidden

Hmmm, finally caught on to that.

Some Crystals Shall Remain Hidden

I feel a song coming on….stay tune…

“Ya right! Just like you promised for all those other unwritten logs. It’ll never get finished.”

Is anyone else hearing Emerson’s voice? I think he’s getting to me…

Some Crystals Shall Remain Hidden

KillerVP played one game and permanently scarred the Gosai, lol!

Some Crystals Shall Remain Hidden

Emerson is Everywhere!
Birds taking the side of the Dwarves and not the regal Dogs? I feel like pooping on them!

Some Crystals Shall Remain Hidden

Go Emerson, drop a nice big steaming load right on their doorstep.

Some Crystals Shall Remain Hidden

No, that’s Rascal’s job.

Some Crystals Shall Remain Hidden

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