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Season with a Sage

Mystically Tongue Tied

Rhavamanthys02.jpgThe book given to me by my master, Kihnsed has revealed a new spell, which I have only now began to master. I find it interesting which new spells are revealed in the book, and when these writings become available. I feel there is some conscious entity attached to the book, though I possess no evidence to support this claim. This time the spell which the book decided to teach me is one that I hope to be very useful in the near future. The formal name of the spell is Fumeatra Locurum. Though I call it simply Mystic Tracking Tie. If done properly, the spell allows me to enchant a simple rope, string or strap with a trackable aura. The remarkableness of the spell is that this aura, since linked to a physical object, can be tracked over several miles. The book even proports that it can be tracked between different dimensions! I have to admit that I did not truly understand dimensional hopping, though Master Rhavamanthys, a dimensional master, has enlightened me.

My studies with Rhavamanthys have been interesting to say the least. He sometimes had me standing on one leg in a crouched position for hours at a time. Other times I have practice writing or drawing nonsensical Berkaic characters on large pieces of paper with cimarron paint. It all did not always make sense to me. I thought he was somewhat of a loon, yet I stayed with it because I trusted in Dr. Chen’s recommendation of the Thunder Dragon.

Once after a long day of not practicing magic, I became quite angry. “You have taught me nothing! Do you go back on our agreement? You promised to impart of your magical knowledge! I do nonsense, not magic! Scale to scale, you have deceived me. You are nothing more than a common charlatan!”

To this point Rhavamanthys had been in the guise of a emerald green yin-lord. But at the moment after my release of anger his countanence suddenly changed. Darkness suddenly filled the room of his ship’s quarters. But it did not gather, rather the light was sucked from the corners of the room. It was then that I realized that Rhavamanthys was some how leeching the very light from the corners and the walls. The light was being breathed in by his nostrils, and absorbed through his scales.

As he did this, a coldness fell over my whole frame. I felt empty and abandoned. It was though I was no longer in my body. I tried to move, but was frozen where I stood. The walls around me were no more. The whole of Chaaya’s Quest had vanished. I was in a void of nothingness.

Rhavamanthys began to glow bright. First, it was as if his scales were set on fire. Then, he grew brighter still. His light was as great as the lamp of the magnificent lighthouse of Tanri’den Ampharos, which stands at the Eastern harbor of Galilee, and boasts it could be seen in southern tips of Uwa’te. The light coming off Rhavamanthys was of this magnitude. It permeated even through my closed eyes. And yet, his brightness grew brighter still, till it reached that of the glory of the noon day sun. It shone to my very core. And I felt that I would perish in that very moment. Then, as sudden as it came, the light was gone. I collapsed to the wooden floor of his quarters where we found ourselves once more.

“Boy, you know not with whom you speak. Rhavamanthys fulfills all his debts, and keeps all his promises. It is you who are not prepared to be taught, no more than a turtle could be taught to wield a pair of swords. You are not ready, nor do you possess the patience or time to become ready. And here I am, and here I am staying till our bargain is satisfied!”

I quivered before his ire. He truly was a being of magic and supernatural power. I was clearly out of my league, and knew I had overstepped my place. I did the only thing I knew to do, the same which the streets had taught me…beg for mercy when caught!

“I am nothing, master. I have never felt such power and greatness. Nor have I imagined my frailty as before I stood before your glory and greatness. I would plead that you spare my life. I was wrong. And for this, I beg you mercy, Great Rhavamanthys.”

“Boy, you have nothing to fear from me. As long as you walk the path of good, you have no need to be afraid of me. But this does not give you the right to besmirch my honor and integrity. Young Gosai, you must understand. Gosai are not a race with much propensities towards the mystic arts. Due to their short lives, they are never truly able to master their inner energies to be able to learn but a handful of spells.”

“But Master,” I interrupted somewhat frustrated in what he was tellling me. “There was Kihnsed. Was he not a great mystic master?”

“The Tal’Kihmshahid,” the dragon emphasized, “is more than a mere outlier. Boy, he had done things in the name of magic that even he was regretful about. He understood the weakness of his genetics. And with this understanding knew he could never attain the heights that he desired. He knew that his internal clock only had enough ticks to get him just to the base of this climb, and ascension to the heights of magic.”

The dragon’s allegory of my old master’s internal clock reminded me of the great water clock, which Rhavamanthys had given to the Ambassador as a gift. Was this a symbol of my own limitations. Had this ancient mystic dragon given the clock because he knew the failure that I would be?

“It was maybe,” Rhavamanthys continued, “this insight that pushed your old master to do it. He needed more clicks and more ticks to be extended on that clock. It first was his passion. He wished to extend the clock of all his people. Yet the secret seemed to allude him. As his time slowly sifted out of his fingers his passion became an obsession. Finally, after years of searching ancient tomes, some reviled by most, he found his answer. But alas it would not grant his desire upon his whole people. The cost was too great. For you see, Young Gosai, in magic everything is done at a cost. It is the great balance that always has to be weighed and paid. What the Tal’Kihmshahid found was that life could not be given without it being taken. But his obsession compelled him beyond the cost for himself. And so, the great Gosai did the unthinkable to extend his years.”

“This can’t be true!” I contested forgetting again my place. “Kihnsed would never do such a thing! You are ly-…” I held my tongue remembering my previous folly.

“Boy, do you know nothing of your previous master?”

Rhavamanthys’ words stung me. He was not the first to reveal to me things of Khinsed’s life that he had kept secret. My old master had been so private about everything, the good—-and the bad. Though I held my tongue to the great dragon before me, I could not hold back my repressed tears. Emotion swelled in me: anger, abandonment, loss, sadness, shame, disappointment, beguilement, and rage. Why was I kept in the dark? Who was this man, Khinsed that I thought I knew?

“And yet…” the old sage continued followed by a thoughtful pause to allow me to refocus, ‘’…I find that you are not like other Gosai. Magic does flow in you, but in a different way. I find it very interesting that Rope Weaving has chosen you. You are not just like any other Gosai. Tadje, you are unlike any other practitioner of magic I have met. You are unique; and therefore you intrigue me, Mr. Al’Qudura. Take that how you like.’’

He saw that these words pleases me and cheered me out of my funk. “But never challenge my word again!” He added with gusto, that I was once again trembling. A subtle smile appeared at the corners of his guised mouth.

“Shall we continue then, Mr. Al’Qudura?” The sage asked.

I chose my words more carefully, “We shall, Master.”

Written by the hand of Tadje Al’Qudura Rope Weaver
In ‘The Writings and Learnings Woven in Time: A Personal Reflection and Apprenticeship in Rope Casting, the Lost Art’

The 25th of Vahishta, in the year 10K and 2 A.T.

Dragon pic by CampLineKennels


I love this, the “Momment in Time” logs are quite awesome from you, Bingham, Justdrea81, even Ayden. Well done.

Season with a Sage

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