Campaign of the Month: February 2014


Pigeon mail: 25th of Vahishta, 1200, 10,002 A.T.
To: Headmaster Adalwolf“The Short one”
From: Ayden AnderWolf Hammderdon
Subject: Mission report #2


This will be a short report; I feel I must send what I have learned as soon as possible. While trying to determine ownership of some potentially evil rune making tools (the ones stolen by Leena’s familiar), and the location of the rest of the set, I stared pure Evil in the face Gazhur Drodd. He is alive. Azalon, masquerading as one of the Ambassadors guards, then revealed himself and requested more information about Drodd. We melded, the experience was inconceivable. The memories came like a flood of epic proportions. I passed out from the overload. Once I came to, I knew for sure Drodd was alive, and this was THE Azalon. They are both Hell bent on wiping each other of the face of the world, regardless if the world is destroyed in the process.

An aside; we are looking for the kidnaped Crown Prince Torvus Ithgrum, heir to Korin Ithrik. The Thane was kind enough to provide a Tazu of their family I used in trying to determine his location. I saw a Dwarf, and according to our newest companion, Graegga, I believe this to be Dramdon Fosh Remo. The Ambassador recounted a tale of this Dwarf activist and it related to “The Ticking”. After a conversation with Him and Azalon, I think I may have determined the source; the mythos of “The word of Brahma”. Drodd is planning to use the entities, possibly Founders, and the Crystals to bring about the end. Drodd may have let the Blacksword have free reign as a diversion, or it may be part of his greater plan. Spokes of a wheel hold it together, but if one is broken, then the wheel falls apart. That is our goal; to break as many spokes as we can to destroy the wheel.

A warning the time table may be speeding up. The Dwarves have amassed an Army, near the size of the Guardian Jannisary. They have been experimenting with Ley Line drifting on a massive scale. I have seen it personally. We traveled from Ith-Angdral to Bezroku in minutes.

A final note master; some say to speak Evil is to give it credence, but Evil lives in the dark shadows and to speak it brings it into the Light. The Light is what Evil fears, for the Light is what will destroy Evil.

Your diligent student,
Ayden A.H.


I created the family portrait shot I described in the game and thought it would look like the better picture than just the shield. The young dwarf on the right (his hair is not gray) is Torvus and I am making a page for him now.

Mission Report BRAVO

I also appreciate the help with the Gregg a reference. I forgot about her involvement with the discovery. I am just wondering if I will get a response to my reports?

Mission Report BRAVO

Possibly if you all stopped long enough. LOL!

Mission Report BRAVO

That army makes me very nervous.

Mission Report BRAVO

It should with the comment from the Dwarf of the skiff you were on…

“…Hmm, oh those that’s just the unit for this city…”

Mission Report BRAVO

Yeah, it makes me nervous too. Great log!

Mission Report BRAVO

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