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To Die For!

Dearest Chaaya.

Today is the 21st of Vahishta, and there is much that happened today.
I miss having you to rely upon. It was just a year ago that I was in your suites; both of us wearing house robes, enjoying fruitisiaa and talking about everything and anything. I could count on you to have the answer to anything, even though the worst problems I had to worry about were my exams and that high-born emir you and father wanted me to marry. Oh, that my problems were so trivial today.

I have decided that the way we should make our first steps into the world of Regnum is to release that which is most sacred to our society and our economy. “The only way to know friend from foe is to show them your heart, and see if they stab at it.” As great-raj Daarun Kā-bēṭā Jagannesh said to the Crystalline Halls in his push to bring down the Stormwall. His greatest disputants cited this as evidence of his inadequacies, and insinuated mental retardation veiled in rumors of poor nursing and geostationary tests. The one thing I believe he forgot to add was, “… and have a shield ready for when your foes strike.”

Ugh. You don’t need political sciences discourses in these letters! You must have more than enough, with the current turmoil, and the recent rise to the crown of Daamo and Dri. Mother, I worry that father’s “Illness” is not what it seems. Please keep an eye on him. I love you both so much.

Unfortunately there is not much in my life that isn’t political, so I will go into as little detail about it as possible, but still expressing the problem. I have put into motion a world-wide version of the FTTOc, which I have so imaginatively dubbed the RTO, or Regnum Trade Order. My hope is to not only engender growth like that which our society has seen, even in its tiny bubble, but to engender trust and loyalty. I hope that it enables us to take down the Stormwall eventually.

I spoke with the Guild of Rune Smiths about the Black Sword, to get a better understanding of what Regnum is facing. The gruff dwarves told me that Regnum has been facing the same being, or the same group of beings since the Dwarves came in to Regnum. Immediately I heard my blood pumping in my ears, and felt the rage and hunger for retribution that takes me back to that night on the Skydocks where I witnessed the evil of the thing. If it hadn’t been for the rigorous training that I have gone through with you and the long string of tutors, I would have shown my emotion in my cheeks, and I would blame all dwarves for the death and destruction of their weapons. That anyone would subject themselves to that horror is beyond my understanding.

But your training brought me out of it, and I realized that even though we lump races together with a single word, they are made up of countless individuals that are all independent, intelligent beings. It’s possible for the people to be evil, while the governing body is just and altruistic, and vice versa.

They traded their information to me for a seat on the RTO. I told them that I could only guarantee a position in the organization committee in Baalgor. Their bargain was hard, and refused to give me the information without my word that I would guarantee them a seat on the ruling body of the RTO. While speaking with them, though, they said that the children of Drodd are the rulers of their nation, and that they feel the same racial prides and hatreds that he did, among other things. This gave me pause. Thankfully the floor of the Court is where I grew up. I learned the art of the word, and the craftiness that is commonplace among royals, aristocrats, and their sycophants. I told them I could not make such a decision lightly, and had to think on it. They gave me three days, and bade me leave, so as to start coming to my conclusion that much faster. I had time to craft my response and find a diplomatic point of leverage, or an exit hatch.

22nd of Vahishta

After a full day of debating with my companions, we decided that it was important to know if the entirety of the dwarven aristocracy was an enemy, or just a radical segment. Unfortunately, the Rune Smiths demanded my soul before handing me the knowledge to save it. So, I crafted my response: “I, Bumi, Ambassador of the Nation of Fikir Tayfa, will do all that is in my power to guarantee a seat on the ruling council of the RTO, or I will join them as a powerless member of said organization,” and brought it to them the next day. They happily handed over the information, and 3 ounces of Gantrium for the trouble.

I am confident that my martyrdom will serve Regnum well. I am not sure how much of my intent they gleaned from my statement, or whether they realize that I would disown my entire country and people, never to step foot in the lush lands of Fikir Tayfa before I sold Regnum to their captors and destroyers. But I promise, mother, with the information that they gave us – two full chests worth! – I will make sure that I know their hearts before I act.

They offered, outside of the discussion, to have our ship teleported to our destination! How amazing is that? A Circle of Teleportation large enough for the largest of air vessels. I asked them if it was safe for us to take, or if we would simply fly apart at the seams, or end up miles below the ocean, or so high the air no longer holds us. They chuckled, but answered somberly that they’d had no accidents for quite a while, and that it was safe – though I still had my doubts. They said it would be ready in three days, which is sooner than we would get there by air. My travel companions gladly accepted the short respite.

After we had the chests carted to the Quest Leena, Tadje, Chen, and I went shopping. I had purchased some Miracle Cream, so I went ‘incognito’ as a woman. It is strange that I am freer to act in my true form than I am while in my façade. It has become my prison, but also my salvation, as no one can track me without knowing that I am both the young male Ambassador from Fikir Tayfa, and the sequestered adult Fikir Tayfan princess, and second in line to the Queen’s Seat.

The shopping trip was like shopping at the Caravansary with you, Drika, and Desi, but there was so much wonder around us, the like you couldn’t imagine. Carriages that pull themselves, ships that do not require magic to fly, automated suits that assisted in every kind of mortal deficiency. As we walked, we imagined what we would see next. The conversation went something like this:

Tadje: Auto-mobiles powered by hourglasses
Bumi: and cog-powered shoe-shine and suicide booths!
Tadje: Made by Kevorkian Inkorporated, I bet! Urinal circles… ‘no more waste in our city! Send it off to Dyvaal!’

We purchased earcuffs of telepathy, in case we ever got separated. The range is only 200 feet, even though there are single rooms in the Crystal Palace larger than that, but what do you expect? This is outside the Stormwall, where Crystal and Psionics are too rare to assist in something like this.

Even without it, though, the Dwarven Empire has thrived like I wouldn’t think possible without a Trade Order such as we have. They have made things of great innovation and great beauty. I am amazed at how entirely disparate it is with the views of their leadership, and the Droddites. I hope beyond hope that we can not only save Fikir Tayfa, the Word of Brahma, and Regnum, but that we can save these awe inspiring Dwarves.

While we were about, I got a pigeon from a Daedal of all things. Such a strange thing to have happen, in the middle of a Dwarven Capitol, Especially when my flight plans aren’t advertised… I’ll have to look into that.

Either way, mother, the Pigeon said this, ’ I am Ayden AnderWolf Hammerdon, I have just arrived in Ith-Angdral, I am an Envoy of Daedala sent to meet with you. Name the place and I will try to find you. ’

To which I replied, “Greetings, Master Daedal, You may meet me at my ship, the Chaayas Quest. Her berth is in the skydocks, Docking Bay 94. The captain will make sure you are until we arrive.”

We finished up our shopping quickly, and got back there. Mother, I know that you always tried to instill in me a sense of self-importance, but I never have been able to grasp it! Even now, as I am one of the Twelve, even one of the most important and powerful people in all of Regnum, I can’t help but feel sympathy for this unknown Daedal that is meeting with me on my ship. I made haste so that he wasn’t inconvenienced! Even though there is plenty of reason to maintain my self-importance, from a diplomatic and political standpoint, I still can’t bring myself to do such a thing to another being. It is ruining, I feel, my image and cover. I am supposed to be an immature youth, impudent and petulant. But I come off as an empathetic adult. I don’t know if I will ever change that.

24th of Vahishta
While we spoke with the Daedal, Lady Leena’s familiar, the infamous Rascal, was plundering a Rune Forge of all things! Though it is the cutest little beast ever, it caused such a horrible problem that almost cost Dr. Chen his life.

It all came to a head at the birthday celebration of the Thane of Ith-Angdral, Korvald Angdralson, that I was invited to. The night had gone pretty well, as Dwarven Birthday Parties go, I suspect. About two hours in, though, an old dwarf dressed in a robe and carrying a staff shaped out of a anvil on what to me was a metal walking stick. arrived and demanded of all those in attendance, “WHERE IS IT? RETURN IT NOW, AND YOU KEEP YOUR LIVES!”

After he stole the soul of one dwarf, and knocked two unconscious, the crowd had pretty much disappeared, and all that were left to confront the monster was a Yin-Lord, a Daedal, Me, a Gosai, a Changeling, and the Thane’s Guard. He kept asking, “Do you believe in the Guardians?” of every one of his victims, as if such a belief was a crime. He raged on about how he forged this world’s leadership and government long before any of us existed, and how he was the pinnacle of existence.


I had to yell, over the screams of the crowd, “Your authority, no matter how old, does not superceede mine! Lay down your magic, and turn yourself in to the Empire of Fikir Tayfa!” before we melted his face off with our joined magicks – It can’t be said that the Ambassador of the Invisible People is heartless and unfair! I gave him a chance to surrender peaceably before he was rent limb-from-limb by my entourage. Though, he did succeed in knocking Dr. Chen out – I feared he was dead, but he arose shortly after the fight, after what seemed like an Arm of Brahma entered his limp form and energized every fiber of his being. I thought that my clothing would ignite with the sheer energy that filled the room in its wake!

The “It” that the fiend spoke of was a rune-forging hammer that Rascal stole from him. I feel horrible, being an accomplice in a theft; even though I know that this dwarf was a being of true evil.

The Dwarf turned out to be none other than a copy of that great and terrible Drodd. As we retrieved the evil runestaff/hammer (?) from its corpse, we discussed the ramifications of the night’s events. Could it be that there were more full copies of Drodd, the most feared Bio-Wizard of all time? if there are, how can we continue in this world with any sense of security?

The only thing that brings me comfort, as I finish this letter to you, mother dearest, is that we turned the Runestaff in to Vitrandul, the Justicar of the World Council and Keeper of the Obelisk, and that it will never hurt another living soul.

I miss you more than words can convey, and my heart breaks every morning that we are apart.

Your Daughter,

{a. FTTO: Fikir Tayfan Trade Order. This is a trade and patent organization set up in the kingdom by royal edict to protect inventors, innovators, and tradesmen. Through its lifetime, it has helped the technological and magical fields flourish. Among the many advancements are the Scry-Tabs, Pre-Natal healthcare, supersonic flight, regeneration of lost limbs, automaton crystal dragon toys, voice and sound amplifiers called Sonari, and many others. There is a reason the Tayfans have been so selfish, and that’s because there isn’t protection out there that they have under the FTTO, among the various religious arguments.}
{b. Drodd: The group has learned that this leader of the dwarves, a great Bio-Wizard in his own right, is still alive. He is said to hate all that is not Dwarven, and if he is still alive, has had plenty of time to let that hatred fester. They have faced 2 facsimiles to date, and they hope that all of the rumors of his return are simply mistaken for copies of the man himself. They have learned that he has been inside the stormwall, and has been into the Vault under Fikir Tayfa called by them “the Word of Brahma.” He is their main antagonist.}

Ith-Angdral cityscape from Blade & Soul MMORPG’s Creative Uncut gallery, great stuff!


I am sorry this took so long to add links to and the pictures that were either embedded or added by me. Rob, this is a great log !!!
Keep up the great work!!!

Life is a Party

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